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Author Comments

The deep-sea abyss (marine biology) meets the uncanny valley (psychology) in my second pure "horror" story. It's not supposed to take place in water, but it is based on the common fear of being caught in the open ocean, never knowing what might stare back at you from the murk.

I also put careful consideration into the types of television characters that people found traumatic when they were younger, and based two monsters directly off notorious examples of "nightmare fuel" from British television (they're in the same shot. I'm not British, but I do enjoy their kid's shows)

I wasn't sure how to rate the nudity or violence in this. There's only one instance of each, both rather subtle and abstract.

Not counting the double-upload of "ants," this is my thirteenth cartoon and I didn't even plan it that way!

Thanks for the feature! I wasn't expected one at all :.



It was very bizzare, i like it a lot

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I liked the creepy environments, the freaky monsters to go with it, the unique art style and coloring, and the overall effort tht I could see you put into it. Job well done!

Very Bizzare

I realize many people say the monsters look like fetus's, and aren't sure why. I think it's because they are undeveloped, and the monsters are also horribly mutated. There is a surreal familiarity in their twisted form, and this tneds to scare people, including me. I have huge imagination and this actually scared me. Some of the things looked like the nightmares of my childhood.

Interesting theme...

But the monsters didn't seem all that scary, looked kind of weak and as the guy below said like unborn babies. Visually the monsters looked violent but physically they seemed kind of frail. And the human noses alot of the creatures had seemed to give them a sense of twisted intelligence, which doesn't really unnerve me at all.
Also try to make them look somewhat natural to the point that a creature like it may exist, the possibility of something being real brings the horror factor up several notches. Also I think extreme speed is scarier then a menacing float.

Also I loved the flash of the dead corpse in the monsters belly (I like to think all the animals i eat daily end up like that (smiling as if asleep).

Hope this helps in the next scary flash you make. I am looking forward to a lack of sleep.

Scythemantis responds:

I've kinda always been more disturbed by simply "eerie" and "unexplainable" things than by dangerous monsters really, though I should have shown some acts of predation besides just the ending :)


The monsters were very creative and creepy...but..a lot of them were like fetus's...still in womb...D: Do people consider unborn babies creepy or something is that why a lot of monsters look like that @_@ BUt great creativity! I like it!

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Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2009
8:37 AM EST