Skateboard City

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Dear reviewers,

1. Please tell me what you would like to see improved in this game?
2. Any requests for things you would like to see in a sequel?

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This game is nicely done. Though I'd rather have it in 3D this still pleases me. Well done.

Gave it my 5 and added to favs :)

FUn game

I actually really quite liked this game
The one thing that made me angry was having to beat a level to unlock it in free mode.
It was worth it for awhile, but on the level with a six move combo i decided to move on because i was just interested in having fun with the maps, not competing all the challenges
Overall, you have an excellent game that would be made much better by freeing up gameplay a little bit :D

Good game

But isn't that great, the song was so damn annoying and the controls are a bit broken...

To improve maybe make it so you have control options, I prefer where you have to press a button to push, it was just too annoying having to brake since he does it so slow, I would like to see a sequel with an option to choose different control schemes (something like auto and manual) and better music.

tony hawk!

a very good 2d version of tony hawk.

you lost a star cause its too hard, and a bit frustrating at times. for example, if you are stopped directly beneath a grind bar you want to grind on, good luck, cause your character must travel about a yard before being able to jump. try it. stop, then start moving, and see how long it takes you to jump. normally not a problem, but again, if you are directly underneath the grind bar you want to grind on, and that bar slopes up a yard away, its crucial.

things i;d like to see in a sequel? maybe move a little faster, this guy was pretty slow. and more in your environment than just standard half-pipes and grind bars. its called skateboard city, let me half-pipe onto a building,grind off its electrical wires... oh, and the combo should multiply your score for a trick. whats the point of racking up sweet combos all i get for them is a pat on the back. speaking of scores there's an easy way to cheat in this--you can set up a trick, the one where you balance on a half pipe, so that you are perfectly balanced. then first place on the scoring system becomes whoever is willing to sit there the longest on a half pipe. i was going to get first place just to prove a point (also because ive never gotten first place on any flash game ever) but i misread the top score as fifty thousand instead of five hundred thousand. but getting to sixty thousand took long enough for me (maybe 15 minutes) , and i am not dedicated enough to my point to let the game run in the background for a couple hours so have fun, whoever was in first place and has probably already been usurped by someone with far more patience than me.

Takes a second to get used to the controls

But once you do the game rocks, I'm not a skater, so I can't tell you how the game could be any better technically in that way, but as far as graphics and sound go you have those down perfect, good amount of tricks to do, smooth levels and good finger training with the combos, as far as a sequel I could definitely see this game having one, I guess the only thing you could add would be like other locations maybe realistic ones or maybe even completely bogus ones that would just be fun and creative, either way you pulled this game off great.

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3.70 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2009
3:53 AM EST
Skill - Other