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Industrial TD 2

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n this Tower Defence game, creeps move on multiple paths, and have 4 different spawn portals! So, you must be able to build your towers strategically to defend your factories. As the game progresses, many new towers and enemies are unlocked. You can always come back to continue your game, as the game is automatically saved every wave.

Play modes:
Campaign: 50 easy waves for beginners. Towers are unlocked slowly throughout the game.
Endless: Unlimited waves, play to the death!
Survival: You start with 4 level 5 factories, but you can't build any factories. Defend untill you lose all your factories.

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this game will make time go at the speed of light! i played it for 3 hours without knowing.
[S] 80,000+
[$] 300,000+ (would have had more if i didnt spend it all on cheeseburgers..*ba-dum-tish)
[Kills] 3643
*hit that*
ye, more addictive than crack i thinks. good game though, could be good for the Iphone app stuff, "stuck in traffic?? Long Delays?? Kill some bad guys!!" or something good stuff.


great game , but after a while when using the rocket towers they left little explosion animation on the path and that started to lag after a couple thousand of them appeared .

i liked it

i played the camp and got to lvl 50 no problem but once i seemed to get past lvl 50 it like....stopped sending waves played weird music and kept giving me money but i wasn't able to do anything. so i don't know if that's just a bug or something but i liked the game ether way.

pretty good

the only problem was that its like impossible to lose! well at least in endless. if you get the laser with the damage upgrade and then put those electrical towers near it, it does 2x damage with really high fire speed. it also works well with the fire ones. i literally walked away for at least 1/2 an hour and did not lose.

o man

I could see how you might like this game. but i really really really hate it.