The Nerd test v2.34221

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Are you a nerd? find out if you are in this tempting quiz of Nerdism.

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I noticed something if you put that you know some sort of programming code then you come back as nerd. Whats up with that just because you know Javascript wouldn't make you nerd. All the other question I answered were not nerdy.

Not a good test


didnt get the whole nerd thing my score was "0" . kinda boring

sorry but...

some of those buttons have missing text, or you can't speak english

I found it offensive

You act like being a nerd is something to be ashamed of. Just like the jocks in high school... That and it wasn't very well done.

iamrunegecko responds:

lol i score a 325 its nothing to be ashamed of

I disliked it lots.

First off, you kept on using that annoying particle effect thing, secondly, there was no sound. Thirdly, This was pointless.

As for the questions themselves, thiey were both horribly misspelled, the grammar was horribly done, and the questions were all saying "are you a nerd?"
There were no non-nerdy questions. Every single question is a "cookie cutter" stereotypical characteristic of a nerd.

I think that this entire quiz was horribly rushed. There is signifigant evidence than no more than 5 or 10 minutes was put into this flash. Hell, I probably even wated more effort writing this review than you spent on that entire flash movie.

The questions were humorless, the graphics were certifiably horribly done, the template followed many of your other flash movies.

Also, it says that the buttons originally didn't work. That's because you probably didn't spend enough effort debugging or actually finding or using a working code.

PLEASE, by all means, SPEND MORE THAN 5 OR 10 MINUTES ON A FLASH! Quality flash movies get quality reviews and scores. As far as I'm concerned, I'm surprised this even made it in the portal.

Bad job, little effort.

1/10, 1/5.

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1.60 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2009
7:25 PM EST
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