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Have you ever wondered if you were a Nerd? People shouting "Hey look its a NERD!" at you? Find out if you are really a Nerd in this simple and compact quiz/test flash!

The button that says "I AM" is supposed to say "I AM DONE" i am fixing that glitch right now.


Missing something

It's not a bad idea the nerd quiz, i have seen a couple of them... but... there's something amiss with this one
Maybe.. .if it had some sort of joke at the end... or, if the point is to SERIOUSLY gauge nerdiness, then maybe there should be either, more questions, or MANY more options for that only question you made, including some options that involve doing stuff thats definitely NOT associated with nerds.

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A bit too short.

Add more questions dude :P there has to be more things that make you nerdy, like, watching star trekk or somwething. Still an average effort. maybe add one page for each question with a yes or no choice or something, some music, some detal, amybe a picture relating to the question...

Good idea, too short.

FOr this game to really be affective, you should have more indepth questions, and some questions perhaps preluding that people who are not nerds. IE you enjoy CSI as opposed to bleach, or you play board games instead of XBOX Live or something.

With that, the scoring will be more complex, but i'm thinking thats the point in these types of games.

And possibly have more detailed conclusions,

Hoping to see more.

P.S. It was still pretty accurate. 105, woot.

Not too bad...

The idea itself is good - such a test might have success, BUT you should have made it bigger (say 20-30+ questions) and with no such obvious questions

Too short

Could have been longer, funnier, and with better questions than "do I play a lot of video games"

Last time I checked, gaming till you rank high in Halo online isn't worth crap to your high school GPA...

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Jan 8, 2009
8:07 AM EST
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