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Create your own it-team and make a lot of money


3 for graphics and .5 for effort sorry but i like games that are a little bit harder to win at
easy game

Stupid game

Just sign on n00blest programmer, designer and manager, some time click on the "Work" button, sign on professional programmer, designer and manager, again some rime click on the "Work" button and HORRAY!!! I win! 3 for graphics.

Wow um.

Is it even possible to lose? Is it really that easy to win?
More work needs to be done, more options, more people, multiple hires, more accurate wages and costs, what are we programming, what are we designing, is my manager holding back my workers?

Needs a lot more work and more perks to playing

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Not bad, but no challenge

It seemed like a good idea. Form a team to produce stuff to make money and all that good what not. Unfortunately, this games lacks challenge and music.

I got the best employees in the game in a matter of minutes with out having any challenges. And an explanation of what the stats of the employees were would have been nice, and also a larger variety of employees so you had to consider carefully. But the major problem is, there is no way to decide what product to make, it just gives ya one, ya click the button and you get money. This can easily be fixed with the ability to choose which project ya wanted to do, and make it that some are harder to achieve, yet have more lucrative rewards. Also, chuck in some random events, like, "A hacker destroys your database, causing your project to fail." or something of the sort to keep it interesting and varied.

Also, it need music (and sound in general). Personally, I cant think of what would have been good to put in this game, but there has to be something :P lol!

If this game was actually challenging, this would have been a lot better (even if though there was no sound :P) Please take this into consideration, cause this can be a really good game, just needs a few tweaks.

ok game

It is an ok game. Could be alot harder maby spending ofice supplies not just three people. Simple easy to beat. Just make it longer and harder.

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2.26 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2009
10:22 PM EST
Strategy - Other