Re-Genesis Ep.1

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Enter a world where the norm is using a spiritual essence called "Drive" to do supernatural things.
And where the bible's accuracy is question beyond all atheists, and where the books of Revelation and Genesis are the center of it all.
Episode 1, thanks to Dplato's point seclusion I picked the perfect V-Actor, geco-deco12, lots of credit to him.
i really dunno what the hell happened with the loading screen i'll fix it, so don't complain.
Anyway, I finally finished the first one, after set-backs and stalling and school, never-the-less, here it is enjoy. And if you can't, rude reviews WILL BE REPORTED!!!! I'll keep practicing with this wacom tablet so that i can be as good as my idol ScootLumpDude, seeing his Zelda flashes inspired me to make a series all my own, and this is what minimum drawing skills and pure termination have done for me.

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Glad I could help.

I'll try to fix up my voice, maybe edit it some more in audacity. Anyway, nice little bro, i new you had it in you.

>.< Chikwa

Cool, didn't relise it was out >.< i think i should change the voices a bit for episode 2 though... i had a few problems saying things in sables voice XD lol. Anyway, looking forward to episode 2's script! (Ps, new microphone for xmas... thank god :D)

Manaheart14 responds:

don't worry! You have great voice differentiation. It's me that needs to improve the drawing and animation, I'm currently practicing.

Not Half Bad

While your animation skills are lower then other's that I've seen, you're still pretty good, and a heck of a lot better then I could pull off.

As for the story, it seems a little odd, and with the mention of a 'squad' and them doing errands, added with your description, it almost seems kinda lifted from Naruto. Note that this is not an insult, I find Naruto to be a good story, but you seem to be doing an entirely different world for this.

I also have to assume that this is just the first episode. More will be revealed in time, like a lot of shows do. Don't explain everything on the first time, but reveal it as it goes along. Of course, I do hope the next episode will show more info on the characters and what exactly they're doing.

All in all, it's good, could be better, and it's leaving me wondering what exactly is going to happen, but in a curious way, not one where I'm just disoriented or wondering what the heck is happening.


I did like the hand-drawn look, and the overall presentation wasn't bad...
I think, however, the story lacked depth and sound. If you're going to make this an animated series, I suggest you give more details and backgrounds to your characters. I barely understood why they ran around doing errands in the first place!

Furthermore, the wind effect in the beginning was a good way to kill the awkward silence that some flash users seem to forget, but after that scene, the rest of the flash had only sound effects and character dialogue. Even if it's some really stupid song, it would be better than absolute silence!

Again, it's pretty good (compared to the instant-blam crap that spams Newgrounds). Keep up the good work!

may the Crosswinds guide you...

I have seen worse

I will complain about the opening screen only because part of being an animator is to make sure your finished product is absolutely perfect before it's published. Disney learned that lesson from their Little Mermaid fiasco.

It's alright, it didn't make me want to close and blam it instantly. The graphics are very choppy, and in some cases such as when the red guy? walks away with the box you can see him through the wall. Also, the voices don't sound like their coming from the characters half the time, that needs a bit of work too.

Pretty good work, practice makes perfect and practice needs patience. Tighten up the graphics more and fix the opening screen for episode two.

Manaheart14 responds:

Dude...It didn't do that when i tested it.

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2.96 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2009
9:42 PM EST
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