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TIH - Hugs

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This is it folks, episode one of "That's Inhuman" and we're diving into the fray head first and no holds barred. And when I say "we're" diving, I of course mean that I'm diving, since this is pretty much a solo project I have going on here. I guess I just said "we" because it rolls off the tongue better.

While I'm at it I should probably also tell you that my use of the word "diving" was intended to be taken as purely metaphorical. I'm actually a very poor diver, so I apologize if my fast and loose handling of the english language has lead you here under false pretenses.

I should probably start moving forward now. Let's talk about the episode, shall we?

As I said earlier, the series is kicking it off with no holds barred, tackling the topic on everyone's minds right off the bat, that topic is of course... hugs.

We all know that science has found numerous health benefits associated with the act of hugging including an increase in one's oxytocin levels as well as the lowering of one's blood pressure. We also know that the hug is one of the few signs of affection that has little to no taboo associated with it.

Whether you're an acquaintance through an acquaintance friend, or you're an intimate significant other; hugs will be viewed by all as more or less normal, you might even get odd looks if you refuse a hug.

And this is exactly why hugging is so dangerous, it's gateway intimacy ladies and gentlemen. First we let hugging between everyone slide, and the next thing you know we're all suckin' each others dicks in the elevator. Is that the world you want to live in?

But anyway... yeah. Episode one.



Well, it was entertaining enough for me to watch the wole thing, but I didn't find it funny. However your animations were excellent and the diolauge was well timed. I hope to see future projects.

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Lollz i love the Spontanious randoms that show upp durinn the Video. I smiled but it wasint "LMAO" Material. Great job on the Animation tho. looked like it was sumthing avaible to go on TV. :)

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nice one...

loved the animation, nice moving and using and all that shit. Alitllte to short thouhg...

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i'm not gonna hug anyone els... ever again...

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Jan 7, 2009
1:13 PM EST
Comedy - Original