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This is my winter project. I had a blast creating it. :D

Also playable on DeviantArt: http://hexaditidom.devian tart.com/art/Crossblock-1 08669149
EDIT 1: I apologize that the graphics gave most of you a headache. I have toned them down. :)

2: Frontpaged! I'm overwhelmed, you have no idea.
Thanks Tom, and thanks everyone for voting. If I could I would bake you all cookies.
Especially with all the ideas you guys are throwing around. I'll have no trouble coming up with challenging levels when I get around to making the sequel.

3: Music now available!


Pretty good.

9/10, 4/5. Got stuck on 20, Spent around 5 minutes on 18. A bit hard, and i got a headache after 10 minutes.

Really good.

I thoroughly enjoyed that. It was new, unique, and pretty fun to play. But I only got to puzzle 24 because I have the attention span of a housefly. =P

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It's really good and really hard (I got stuck on 27, which is bad compared to those of you who beat it) but I also add that you could've had more movements like a square or a diagonal movement. A level creator would be cool too.


For such a simple graphic, it is pretty nice: I spent an interesting hour beating the game.

About a sequel.
You could add "diagonal" levels, or any pattern you would (example: instead of a 4 elements straight line, a pattern like the horse movement in chess).
Also, a moving level would be quite amusing to see, altough I don't know what could be the outcome...
Finally, you could put a level creator, so that you could even get a whole new set of puzzles from users and add the best ones.

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good job

i dont know how you came up with this game but it was amazing it took me a hour to beat but it was a fun game.

level 50 took me 20 min. to beat

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4.14 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2009
9:32 AM EST
Puzzles - Other