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This is Steve

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Hello once again, this is one of my more recent flash; I got the inspiration to make such a flash when I overheard someone introduce someone else as 'Steve'.
With an idea I decided to write and then produce the following flash, I am more than happy with the result and think its one of my more 'better flash'.
Well, enjoy.
This is Steve.


Flash, this is not.

Flash this is not. A series of images yes. Not a flash. Learn flash, make flash, make GOOD flash, then return.

Melzaar responds:

there appears to be no flash under your name, confusing.

Are you new or what?

I hope this isnt serious.

Melzaar responds:

Why so serious?

This is Tish

First of all, there is no animation of any kind. Sometimes it mayn't be bad but this is not the case here. The drawing is ultra-basic. You didn't even care about making the circles not intertwining. The voices unhearable. Oh, and no point to this movie. So I will quote the Sex Pistols !

"Fuck this and fuck that
Fuck it all and fuck the fucking brat"


You're kidding me right?

If this is one of your better flash, then god knows what your worser ones must be like.
Really poor visually, bad voices, and if it's trying to be funny or ironic then it fails on both accounts. And why is there text in the middle the whole time? And what does the song have to do with anything?
Congratulations, this is the first time I've given 0/5 and 0/10 on a submission.

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Porly drawn stickmen (!) that talk too low to hear

Title says it all.

Constructive critisism: Turn the volume up on the voice acting. Skip the tune on the end, it serves no purpose at all. Also: spend more than 5 minutes doing the flash next time :)

Melzaar responds:

this took me about an hour to make and publish but thanks for the review

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2.09 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2009
8:01 AM EST
Comedy - Original