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J-Kellz - Epidemic

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EDIT: I fixed the audio.. it sounds way better now.

I started this about a year ago. It starts off slow but gets going as you keep watching. J-kellz is one of the best rappers on newgrounds and he is about to kill as many zombies as he can.

I tried to do as much frame by frame work as I possibly did and as many different perspectives as possible.

Also the song was created in 2007.


all i say is epic i am stunned

love the song

i dont like much rap (white guy) lol but that rockd ps thay do only rap bout that


I enjoyed this very much! The animation was goofy and at the same time very stylish. I just love how these characters move with such ridiculous exaggerated body movements. I also really liked the song. I'm a huge fan of zombies, and you really don't see (hear?) a lot of rap songs (or any others) about zombies, so this was a nice touch.


Awesome stuff YoinK.

The artwork and coloring scheme gave your animation a nice cartoonish look to it and made it nice to look at in moments of stillness.

The animation was a nice blend of tweens and fbf, which I liked being biased towards fbf. When used the tweens were nicely done but your movie shined during moments when you used fbf. The animation was very smooth and very nice to watch. I'd say keep up the frame by frame work. You're good at it and it pays off big time in the end.

Nice choice of audio as well.

Sweet movie YoinK. Hope to see more of your solo stuff in the future.

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That was great stuff! The level of effort put into this is apparent and the song selection was inspired. If you are to make a music video, it's always better to select an original song, more than anything! The drawings aren't masterpieces, but you didn't need anything more, while the animation is fluent and provided generously (something that many others are too lazy or untalented to provide on this level).
Overall, I really liked this as a whole! Both the song and the video fit together nicely, and are both quality material!

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4.30 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2009
5:50 PM EST
Music Video