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Edit: Ok well since people said add more levels i updated it Alittle theres another level and i will work on a couple more my goal is to have 10 at least tanks for reviewing

Edit: Ok Now it goes back to the preloader when you win.



I understand that this is your first flash game, but maybe you should have put it somewhere else before Newgrounds. In all honesty, I thought that it was boring and although the graphics were smooth, there wasn't much going on with the cat. I agree with the others, this needs sound and more variety. I really disliked the way the spinning blades were set up. It was difficult to know which part of the blade I could/couldn't touch... This is basically just a maze with some obstacles. Not really much to it.
You know, Sid-123 was just trying to help you improve. If you really took making flash games seriously, then you would accept his view. You might want to put this game somewhere else until you learn to accept other people's comments on your game. :/

fallensoul289 responds:

yes me and sid123 have worked out our disagreement and acutally we are collabing now but anyways dont be sorry about voting 2 i know it was relativly boring but i put it on here because there are alot of flahs gurus and like you said the graphics were smooth that made my day because i know im getting better

I agree.

ok kid i know its your first submition and all but i do better stuff than that at school and im just 14 mate, ok for a first attemp but yeah allways think on how to improve!
let me reel off some stuff i thort up:

- Yes i agree more levels, some easy to begin with, more space less traps and then escalate.
- And again i agree more challenges, maybe the harder the level the more traps there are or possibly guards patrolling corridors.
- Yes sound effects and animation, maybe a health meter so you can animate the death sequence and blood when losing life, of each time your hit your characte looks more beaten and moves slower.
- Athstetics, i pride myself on mine, theres no use on an awesome game with crap visuals. the other day i saw a really short fight scene on front page, looked great but short and pointless, still there though innit.
- Many peope struggle using the mouse to produce good visuals but when at school ask for a GRAPHICS PAD there little pads with pens that plug in the usb ports, VERY helpful.
- Upgrades! people enjoy challenging themselves to get a reward, points are meaningless unless your on a highscore list so rack 'em up for character upgrades.

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fallensoul289 responds:

ok first of all dont be a prick and wow your 14 i had to wait to sign up for flash animation because i didnt have the money to pay 600$ for adobe cs3 and second i am 16 and third its not my first submisson my first game yes but i have made other stuff fourth i am home schooled for this year i dont have a graphics pad and i dont need one yet i can draw pretty decent with a mouse fifth shut your damn mouth KID i havent seen you make anything I looked at your page and you havent contributed anything and i had to do a game exactly like that so next time you go running your mouth about how people can do better lets see you do because i bet you could actionscript or draw with anything at all also i do take pride in my work and of course it may not be the best but i still have animations to prove i can animate So fuck off if your going just insult me saying you can do better when you have NO flash animations whatsoever on your page

Good start , but it could'been better.

I played this little game , and it is a good start . But it still really bad . This game is only a cat faces , collecting keys in a 1-way maze , avoiding traps . Nothing more ! There is no challenge at all . It need a lot of improvement to be a better game . Here is some improvement if you want to create a CatBurgler 2 .

-More Level ! This game can be better if it has 4 or five level , each harder that other .
- More challenge ! This game has no challenge at all !
- Sounds effects !
- A music !
- Bux fixing ! When i played this game , i noticed a trap door that opens up after you collect all the keys to return you to the locked door ! Hope you can fix it .
- A animated cat ! If you do a CatBurgler 2 , try to do an animated cat instead of a cat faces moving around .
- i dunno the rest .

Hope you can do it .

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fallensoul289 responds:

its a treasure box and thats how you win you get the ruby and there is a secret way to get back without having to go past the spinners i already have the second level done i will add music to

Not bad..but

it gets boring.

fallensoul289 responds:

yeah i know but i will add on to it

A Good Try

This would be a lot better with some sound, additional levels and challenges, and perhaps a trap door that opens up after you collect all the keys to return you to the locked door so you don't have to go through the entire maze all over again. Those things aside the mechanics all seem to be solid, and it's fantastically self explanatory when you first start playing.

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fallensoul289 responds:

thanks much appericated i do want to add on to it but i need to do like 3 projects that are due next week

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Jan 6, 2009
10:23 AM EST
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