GunChest Episode 08_01

January 6, 2009 –
August 3, 2011
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Episode 8-1. The Final Present.
Mason's identity is revealed! What is the relationship between Mason and Gunchest 45?
Last combat between Gunchest and Ahsin is a deadly struggle to survive.

It's gonna be almost final scene. Pl~ enjoy our movie.
your reviews and points will make buoy me up.

I strongly recommend Korean voice accting virson...when you watch it.

You can see also previous GunChest Episodes on newgrounds.
Please search 'gunchest' on NG search tool bar or series section.

Hi! Everyone. I would like to introduce you to the complete story for GunChest.

GunChest is made of 18 episodes, each approximately 4 to 5 minutes.
We have introduced you to GunChest a couple of years ago.
Now we have the complete story.
It may take a little time to pre-load. We ask you for your patience.
For more information, please visit our website at www.gun-chest.com.


It's the year 2057. Boarder lines have disappeared between countries through trade wars. It is not a war between countries, but a war between major enterprises. An enterprise had the power to alter the decisions of a country. Such strange phenomenon has made the trade wars bitter. The fittest enterprises got together to come up with a new system that would cut off the rising forces of other enterprise.
They come up with a new alternative: An alternative trade system that will become a barrier to all future entries: A method to cut down the logistics costs to unimaginable amount; a transportation system that will cut across the Pacific Ocean; and an establishment of a gigantic city with mass production in mind. But, the historical project holds a major flaw.
For the project to succeed, it had to overcome the natural disasters of the Pacific Ocean. Although major scientists and architects opposed, enterprises pushed the project forward. The project, days away from completion, is met with great catastrophe. The natural disasters of the Pacific Ocean results in lost lives. The lives of scientists and workers are lost. More devastating was the fact that although lives were detected, no measure could be used to reach them and save them.
Major material and man power loss resulted as such and some giant companies file bankruptcy. Through this disaster, the prices of necessities and industrial products start to soar. The world is swirled in an era of inflation.
Meanwhile, Korea and Japan joint ventured in developing 'cell robots' that can make decisions by analyzing the variables sensed in its environment. These scientists have acquired the permission from International Human Rights Association to use these robots. These robots become the first independent decision making clone beings.
Furthermore, the newly built city is programmed to be run by these robots. A community populated solely by robots is built: the Mono-Community. But, there are forces that are against the great project. They are on the move to destroy the city.
They call themselves the "Bleeding Fists." To fight against these forces, it was inevitable to produce powerful police robots: the Gunchest series. A total of 45 Gunchests were produced, but, only one remains.

The last Gunchest, Gunchest Vol. 45 fights against the evil forces.



Dragonfable is OK, man. For a browser game, they really outdid themselves.

And I seriously doubt that any browser MMO can utilize these kind of graphics.

Oh my god! Those bastards! They killed Black! lol

Dragon Fable makes millions of dollars off of their shitty ass games they have and Ive seen people make animations and games way better.
You make great animations dude. 10/10

Amazing :D

let me guess technical coloring and geometry? either way this is really good!
seriously go publish your work professionally!
(and here because I love this!)

that was great and cant wait to see the next one ur making! well good luck

The animation - especially the fight scenes with the edged boomerang - was absolutely brilliant. The artwork is excellent, and the story is interesting. The characters arebeing fleshed out more, now that we are finding out more about them.

5 and 10 - a superb flash

the animation is pretty good, but in some frames its too slow, n some you rushed, but a loco idea, and has an ok story, dat after awhile you get drawn in by it. so 7/10

n what program did you use to make it?

Looks like the hyped series these weeks yes ?
The mix between 3D and flash is neat, but sketchy at points, not always mastered. The animation is not fluid, even in low quality, I know the file is huge and the textures heavy though. These are not big flaws, it lowers the score from 10 to 9.

So what then ? uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuh uhuhuhuhuhuh
Well, the lyp-syncing is MESSED, it doesn't even seem you try to proceed so. If you spent so many times on the animation, why not on important details such as this eh !

The voice actings are mediocre too. Some are clichés, some don't match with the characters and some are just unemotional in comparison of the feeling the situation would require.

The storyline looks lush. Good point yeah. And please, add something in the pre-loader to spend time. It takes 5+ minutes to load. Make a mini-game or crap like that please. Oh well, in fact I don't really care because I probably shan't watch an episode again, I am not keen to this kind of movies.


not bad really

well......did u bass "gunchests" armor off megamans armor?uve probally herd gthis before though.....its okish i mean the good guys are losing more then likely theyll come back and win the animation was good the art was ok the main idea was original i give it an a 8 u could probally do better then this i saw this some years ago and thought it was a megaman fan flash guess iwas wrong

flash ok, blah blah etc etc.. u know the words..

but LOL with Jeiji, names black, coz im black.. lol lol lol...

the black are always the sidekick or the ones who always gets hurt etc etc.. -.- sad

whitey are always the hero.. zzz

Right. I shoulda' seen it comin'. The BLACK guy, NAMED BLACK, would be an immoblie, clumsy tank of a bearded bald guy, slow, and useless, and he gets chopped... in... half. Don't you think it would be more fitting if we were FAST!? But nonetheless... good animation, great voices and story. You're a very talented and gifted animator and storywriter, you jerk.

This is the first episode I've seen. Unwise on my end, but this way I can give you y opinion soley based on what I think of it's animation and character development, it's top notch! Better than anything I've seen done by an amature, Leads me to believe you're not one, I wouldn't know, I do no research. As for the characters I was immediately taken with them! They all seemed so familiar with me and they connected to things I've seen in the past, That robot with the screen for a face reminded me of Cain from Robocop 2 and that bee thing reminded me very much of the Creep from Galaxy High. It was all just brilliant. You have a new loyal fan.

I enjoyed this episode very much, you have another satisfied viewer!

I think this is pretty much the best 3D animation on newgrounds, and you are doing a great job. However, the English version still seems to be a lot more worse than the Korean version. Which can be a good thing...

I still think that the Korean voice acting is outstanding though!

Thanks for another great episode.

but you need to stop playing "tag, your mason"

This series continues to impress me. The artwork is simply fantastic, and this episode boasted of the best fight in the entire series! The twist did a good job at appealing to the emotional side of this series. Keep up the good work! It's still going great!

the animation is butiful incredible superb outstanding. go and take cntact with disney now! best animator on ng man.

Great plot twist, but since I heard both the their voices I had a small feeling they were the same at lease in some small way, but the green dude also being mason was completely unexpected. But now what will happen next I wonder can't wait for the next one.

Graphics: 8
Sound : 9,1
Creativity : 9,5
Fun and entertaining : 8,2
Design : 10

I really like this show, but now I'm confused... are there several Mason persons? Is Mason both the hero and the bad guy? I still wanna watch, thought...

it just feels like its kinda gettin 'samey' now
kinda, as if the series should end soon

This was amazing. Seeing my fav characters get chopped up was so emotional. Can't wait to see the next one! NICE 3D WORK!

i lold when i found out that the black guys name was black lololololololol

keep up the good work man
the story really hit as the main attention for this series
animation for the movie is smooth as well
anyway good job
can't wait to see more


5/5 and 10/10 You guys never let me down!!! I cant wait to see what happens next

This movie was filled with pure drama and action which allows it to be very interest. But it was too short which is also a good thing because it always leaves a suspense to the viewers of what is going to happen in the next episode. I have always enjoyed Gun Chest, it's fun and entertaining.

The battle is taking a toll on Gunchest's teamates! A visible one, anyway. Judging from the cliffhanger in this episode, we can only assume that the final is going to be epic.

Great job, as always.

Good series. Definitely Saturday morning cartoon material.


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4.15 / 5.00