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Ok, so I made an animating gadget called the "Smart Mouth". This will basicly abolish manual lip synching, and make it extremly easy, and quicker.

My main question is, why hasen't anyone came up with something like this befor? Ohh, well. Its here now!! ENJOY!

For those of you who dont have flash 8, or can't open flash 8 files, there is a tutorial at the end on makeing it yourself, with some downloadables. although its a bit harder to make. and may require some knowledge of action script and animating to put it together.

Anyway, please dont hate/flame/vote low just because this doesn't surve any entertainment values, vote on it because of how good it is :p

I hope you all enjoy the Smart Mouth!

If the server isnt working, come back in 5-10 min, and try again kthx.

Submit to gadgets collection please! so everyone can use this great gadget!


looks pretty kool.

but i cant use it. (because i use AS3.) is there some way to make one using AS3? can you post a tutorial on how you created the one for AS2 and a can work with that?

HEEEY!!! That's great)

So man, thank's you veeeery much) I'm starting to do new flash movie) And there will yyour mouth))) So your name be in credits! THAAAANK'S!!!

great idea

great idea, but when I did the actions, it didn't change the mouth, can you please break it down for me further, as I am new to flash coding. I put the the action in the keyframe itself is that correct?

digitalk responds:

yes, you put the action in the key frame...


where the word letter is, change to the letter you want it to say


Simply Superb!


the mouth thing scared the living shit outa me i didn't expect it lol nice job

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Jan 5, 2009
6:18 PM EST