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Hey everyone,

Here's our latest game, Time4Cat - at first glance it might appear to be yet another mouse controlled avoidance game, but the twist here is that every time you move, the enemies move along with you. Of course, as the game goes on things get tougher and you will soon start running out of space. Luckily there are powerups which appear every so often to help you out. That's about it really - it's quite a simple, elegant game (we think), and we really enjoyed making it. If you can achieve over 150,000 points then you're doing very well. Thanks for reading and leave us some feedback if you have time. :-)


The Megadev team.

***** UPDATE *****

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who played the game and for all of your great feedback. :-) We were a bit apprehensive before we released the game but it seems to be going down really well, which is very encouraging for us. If anyone would like the music to Time4Cat then it can be found on our website under the games section. Cheers!


Quite fun..

I like it, it's pretty fun for a while. I like the way the cat moves too.

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69765. Horrible.

That's an awesome game. the whole way through it's amusing. But those bikes scared the shit out of me.

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very interesting

wow this game was fun. fisrt time was i play i thought i was pretty good. almost got to150,000 so close but oh well. fun, and i love cats!! xDD

Best game ive ever played

Out of all the Games I've ever played online, This is definitely the best game I've ever played online before.

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My score is 75002 I know I suck... :O

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4.12 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2009
5:20 PM EST
Skill - Avoid