NightCrawlers Episode 2

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HAPPY NEW YEAR NEWGROUNDS AND NEWGROUNDS FANS ***FINALLY*** my second Episode of my Night Crawlers animatic is completed. On and off hard working and 10 months in the making, I can say I'm done! I'm not much of a professional animator but I did what I can to get my girls into some more action. I sign up for newgrounds on 5/24/07 and was inspired by the amount of work fans do for this site as well as their own. 12/02/07 is when I submitted my very first animatic Episode of Night Crawlers, the animation was basic but I was happen to see my characters in action. It didn't have much of a story into it. (PLEASE VIEW PART 1 BEFORE VIEWING PART 2!) This time there is more story than action but it'll be worth the watch.
Running time is about 6 to 7 min.

Well over the years I have been keeping my skills up with flash by submitting some of my projects to newgrounds. I would say my Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat submissions were a big help for me to get an idea on how to go about Night Crawlers.
You can also see my working step video of Behind the Flash here as well. A lot of time and help from friends and family was put into this video. I will do what I can to continue the mini series. But it is you the fans are my motivation to keep going with the series, if you like my work, feel free to email me your fan art at (mysticskillz@mysticskill z.com) and your fan art will be posted on the web site at http://www.mysticskillz.c om/mystic2008/Night/Night crawlers.html

So I hope you all enjoy Night Crawlers Episode 2 Enter The Plague. All Comments are Welcome. Positive or Negative.


Better, not best

Drawing skills are clearly improved. Still improvable anyway. The fight may have been cooler if you made screen trembling at any fist, or something like that, is useful for giving the feel to the watcher. Try to watch the two Shock episodes and feel the pain!

10 becuase i know were your coming from

better animation from the first one, are you sure your not an animator lol
anyway i like the animation of the black monster. I also like how you intergrated 3d and 2d togather great job.

as for the concepts,
i like it but the a,,c,d thing not so much
also try and make your chracter not talk so much.
what I'm trying to say is while she talking the monsterjust sit there still, and doesnt do anything. And the fact that she's always second guessing her self makes her feel less of an hero and more of a chump, i mean she not an A class but she up there with them, also it breaks up the suspance


by MonkeyKing

impressive ..

excellent story line and i like that it original...you couldn't have done better with the introduction...but the conclusion need more time...with a little more time and work this could be mainstream work...


very well made, drawing and sound are both good, some of the character movement could be more animated though, story is interesting.

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Jan 5, 2009
4:49 PM EST