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Brick Yard

rated 4.27 / 5 stars
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Jan 5, 2009 | 3:13 PM EST

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Author Comments

This game is actually a sequel to Brick Stacker, but Bricks Stacker 2 sounded so boring that we renamed the game to Brick Yard. And now you have five modes to play: SAME 80, RANDOM, RAIN, TIME and WACKY!

Use mouse to place the brick anywhere. A and D rotate the brick, W and S scroll the screen (or use the cursor keys). Press ESC for the main menu. R restarts. P makes the gods angry! L submits the score.

NOTE! You cannot have an infinite blocks mode in a game like this as this is a physics simulation. Do you have infinite amount of RAM and CPU power?

NOTE! If my greed makes you vomit, please play the game @ Kongregate (no ingame ads there): /games/ttursas/brick-yard



Rated 1 / 5 stars


1st off how could you force us to go to the ad when we're just gonna exit it... 2nd theres a glitch the mouse would make window inactive and only thing i can do is click screen thus forcing a block to fall screwing my game up and many more flaws...


Rated 1 / 5 stars


it would be alright if it could fit on my screen and i could press the play button


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Blocking gameplay for blocking ads..

But for me, blocking ads is part of the antivirus precautions. So to me, you submitted a game with one mode, basically the same as before. 0/5.

ttursas responds:

Sucks to be you, then. XD


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Greed ruins it

I saw the "crippled mode" and was slightly annoyed. I understand what you're trying to do and I'm appreciative of the effort it must of took to code that checking system. Out of the goodness of my heart I went ahead and disabled my adblocker. One ad later I was into the game, great, that's cool.

If that was the end of it I would be giving this an 8 or 7 for being a competent game. However after the game ran for a little while the screen goes to blue IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME, and shows me another ad! I gotta say man, making sure that a player sees the ad and maybe earns you a little green is fine by me but when those ads interrupt game play without any warning or seeming predictability that is just being overly greedy and sure to draw the ire of anyone who plays the game long enough to see it.

Not cool. Not. Cool.

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ttursas responds:

Greedy? Brick Stacker (the prequel to this) has been played 250k times, and we've gotten about 25US$ for it. If we calculate how many hours we spent doing it, it's going to be something like 0.5US$/h. Can you give me a reason why we should keep on doing these flash games?

If someone here is greedy, it's the player who wants all the games for free, and skips the ads. Why should he have them for free? Is he Jesus or what?


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Want to Know why you Get No stars?

For That Gos awful Advratizeing! Its just Awfull, Everytime i go to the menu i have to sit thru it. Its The Pricepal God damnit! Im Going to stop going to NewGrounds If This Type of advratizeing Keeps Up. Like the begining Ad Wasent enuff,Infact the one wile its Loading, Even If it Makes me wait for a few seconds is no big deal, But During the Fucking game? WTF?