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Brick Yard

rated 4.27 / 5 stars
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Jan 5, 2009 | 3:13 PM EST

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Author Comments

This game is actually a sequel to Brick Stacker, but Bricks Stacker 2 sounded so boring that we renamed the game to Brick Yard. And now you have five modes to play: SAME 80, RANDOM, RAIN, TIME and WACKY!

Use mouse to place the brick anywhere. A and D rotate the brick, W and S scroll the screen (or use the cursor keys). Press ESC for the main menu. R restarts. P makes the gods angry! L submits the score.

NOTE! You cannot have an infinite blocks mode in a game like this as this is a physics simulation. Do you have infinite amount of RAM and CPU power?

NOTE! If my greed makes you vomit, please play the game @ Kongregate (no ingame ads there): /games/ttursas/brick-yard



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I agree

author quote: Hmm that's true, sorry about that. Anyway, Brick Yard 2 (Brick Stacker 3) might have a "freeplay" sandbox mode. Let's see... ;) /quote

Sandbox is really needed, otherwise it is even more fun than the first one. I love games that include physics and this one shines in the flash game genre.

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ttursas responds:

Ok, it's gonna be in the sequel, then!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game...

Great game, I love the wacky mode, it adds some very useful blocks. I like the one kinda shaped like a wishbone.

Graphics: 10/10 They do their job well, look pretty, and don't distract.

sound: 9/10 The sound is good, but I would like a mute button for the bgm, but not the effects

Gameplay: 11/10 This is where the game truly shines. The game has a lot of polish, and excellent game modes. If nothing else, you will never be done with random. Maybe add a sandbox mode though?

Story: 0/0

Well, Great game, added to my favorites. Keep up doing what you do. Also liked drop dead btw.

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ttursas responds:

XD THANKS! XD Sandbox's gonna be in the sequel...


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great Game, very addicting

This is a very addicting and well made Game.
It's great physics, together with Blocks that remind me of the awesomeness of Tetris, make building one tower after another for hours possible without boredom and without having to ragequit.

Also, with 150/200 Blocks you've met a really good number. Enough Blocks to build a solid yet high Tower but not too much by any means.

The only bad thing is that I can't turn of the Background-noise (those saws 'nstuff) without turning off the Music. The noise annoys me over time and playing without Music is a little dull.

Also, I made it to number 12 on the global Highscore List (with 1002 meters on Wacky Mode) and I'm proud of that :)

Thanks for this Game. :)

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ttursas responds:

1002m on Wacky is much more than what I can get! XD Sorry about putting SFX, random work sounds, and BGM behind one toggle. :P I guess I could add another setting there... Let's see... Great that you like the game! :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

yes mutherfucker...

that shit is exactly what im talking about! great job, i love the different themes, and the different modes. the wacky bricks are the shit, and the sound fx are awesome. and the divine punishment is a nice touch. diffenetly gonna be playing this game all night.

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ttursas responds:

XD I don't think it's _that_ good, but it's great that you like it!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


but i still like like number 1 because there were no lives to i could watch all the block fall off and still have fun with it

ttursas responds:

Hmm that's true, sorry about that. Anyway, Brick Yard 2 (Brick Stacker 3) might have a "freeplay" sandbox mode. Let's see... ;)