Brick Yard

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This game is actually a sequel to Brick Stacker, but Bricks Stacker 2 sounded so boring that we renamed the game to Brick Yard. And now you have five modes to play: SAME 80, RANDOM, RAIN, TIME and WACKY!

Use mouse to place the brick anywhere. A and D rotate the brick, W and S scroll the screen (or use the cursor keys). Press ESC for the main menu. R restarts. P makes the gods angry! L submits the score.

NOTE! You cannot have an infinite blocks mode in a game like this as this is a physics simulation. Do you have infinite amount of RAM and CPU power?

NOTE! If my greed makes you vomit, please play the game @ Kongregate (no ingame ads there): http://www.kongregate.com /games/ttursas/brick-yard


Nice game

Its pretty good, nice to see that you made it so the explode glitch is gone. Seemed a bit unfair in the first one. I was watching a friend play the first game and out of no where the bricks just flew up in the air. His ending score was 6000 something.

Solid Game

The game is simple, and fun. Has a very tetris-y feel to it, which is very good. My only real complaint is that the game ends to fast. I think there should be about twice as many bricks to drop, because just when I start to feel like I might be having some trouble, the games over.


It was pretty great, but is there anyway to download it? I'd like to have a desktop version so that I don't have to disable AdBlocker, restart Firefox, and then play this game, enable AdBlocker, and restart Firefox again, everytime I want to play.

Even though no one has infinite RAM or CPU, you could still have an infinite mode, so that people can play up to their computer's limits. Many people can go past what is there now, and besides, a simple free-stacking mode would be fun. Maybe you could pick which blocks to stack and everything. Just a little mode where you design whatever you want.

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its a nice game, i like how theres more than just one game in this, the wacky, the rain, samne 80, and time. i think its original of you to think of a wacky mode and of a arain one cause i dont think anyone would have, and it seriously makes up for the infinite mode, its like 100 times better than that!! it was also cool that you could change your blocks from classic, wooden and steel cause that made the stacking theme cool! i think the "gods wraith" button was cool and i loved making a big tower and then just using it to watch it fall!! nice job dude and i hope you can make more original games like this!

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reallly cool!

i love the divine punishment, i could play that like hours on end and it will still be fun, but there is really only one thing i dident like about it, you have limited ammount of lives, that makes it a bit annoying for someone like me, who is just playing it for fun. if possible, it would be nice to have a diffrent mode, where u have infinite lives, that would be cool, but awsome game

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4.27 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2009
3:13 PM EST
Skill - Other