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Made Man (Pilot Episode)

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Jan 5, 2009 | 2:38 PM EST

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Hey all!

I'm currently making a flash series about a mafia family, and this is the pilot episode. The first "real" episodes will be released later on this winter. Be aware, it's a STICK movie, so if you don't like those kinds of movies, gtfu. I know this "pilot" doesn't include much of a plot, but trust me, the series will have a very good storyline, similiar to the legendary series "The Sopranos". So if you like stick movies, the sopranos, and blood 'n' action, your in for a treat.




Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

more of a slide show than an animation.

I don't mind stick movies as long as I can see there's been a decent amount of effort put in, but this looks terrible. I know it can be tempting to sacrifice motion for speed when animating but please, at least try to let them move slightly.

I'm not sure how long you've been using flash but from what I see here I recommend you spend some more time practicing the basics before you launch yourself in to making a series.

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Good idea but...Work on some things...

Don't release the full thing at this quality. You will fail if you do.
I liked the idea of it but I'll give you a few tips for when you realease the full movie.

Work on the scenes and lighting - Shade your backgrounds, it gives them depth and detail. Maybe add some foreground and effects.

Animate - Don't just use static images and text. Make your characters move, Take a look at some of the other popular stick animations on the portal. If you don't want to animate them walking you could shoot all the walking shots as close ups, and jump them up and down. Scrolling the background. This way it still looks like they're walking.

Text - Perhaps use different fonts for each colour, and use textboxes rather than just having it randomly floating. You can design the text boxes to look cool.

If your making an action movie, you might want camera effects. These can easily be achieved by making your movie scene slightly larger than the canvas on flash, and then when a shot is fired. Jolt the whole scene around.

Use overlay's to lighten or darken the mood. If its a dark alley use a black overlay(Alpha it to about 30%).

Just think about it realisticly. Animations that are realistic in the sense of direction are the ones that succeed the most. Put effort into it and you'll do alot better.

Looking forward to the final project.

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It has potential

I'm not going to bring up the graphics, I can live with stick figures though there still could be some improvement in the actual animation. In a lot of ways, it was fairly generic but even then, it still has the potential to go somewhere great. I'd suggest working on the characters a bit before making the first episode. As a writer, it's usually best to have your characters fleshed out and you know they'll stand out and be compelling or interesting, so that when you work on the situation for them to act in you'll have a better idea what that character is going to do.

I'm also going to recommend maybe looking for some voice actors. I'd prefer to hear voices over the subtitles, both simply because voices are nice in a movie and because you made the subtitles go by fairly quickly. I'm sure you could find a voice actor somewhere if you can't do some yourself, in fact if you want I am looking to be in some flash films and I'd gladly help you with voices.

Take into consideration what I've said, and you could probably make a fairly entertaining film.

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