Water Pong

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This is a nice little pong game i made with a few bitmap effects :D
Move the cursor to move the paddle, the closer to the paddle you are the more it moves.

The AI is hard :D

(Runs much faster as a pop up)



It looks really nice, but that's about it. The biggest flaw is obviously the unbeatable AI. Like many other reviews say, you could improve that by making the ball faster. Also, a few subtle sounds or a little bit of gentle watery music would really add to the game (with an option to turn off the music)... and a pause button... Oh yeah, and a main menu. Even if there is nothing to do but play the game, you still need a main menu with a play button. It is a MUST.


I liked the effects.

The reason the computer is so unbeatable is because the ball moves far too slowly. Speed the ball up, beating the computer is now possible.

Awesome game

The graphics are very nice. I would make the ball faster, though.

kl fx

based on an awsome game and is a sucessful remake with nicely done graphics but the ball hardly moves so its not possible to beat the comp

Basically SLLLLOOOOOOWWW reg. pong....

But I have to admit the visuals look good. If this had actual audio, it might be better. Nice.

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2.80 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2009
1:11 PM EST
Skill - Other