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This game is my first major product at my internship. I hope you all enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post here or send me an email at the adress listed in the credits screen found at the main menu.

The Game:
Prevent the enemy forces from reaching your base by building turrets to destroy them. Most turrets can be upgraded to increase their damage, or in case of the C&C Node, their damage bonus given.

Damaging turrets can also be specialized to significantly increase their damage against one type of enemy(Land, Sea or Air), but it will slightly reduce its damage against another element.

Every 10 waves there will be a boss round.

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excellent flash game

great game... smooth, great gameplay, nice variety of enemies... what I really hated though was the inferno turrets are so inaccurate that that really detracts from the game in a big way -- its too frustrating to set up these expensive turrets only to find they can't hit a damn thing. The inaccuracy addds to the challenge, I know, but it's too extreme and barely believable...

If it weren't for that it'd be ten stars/3 votes. As it stands, seven stars

What about....?

What about this: Least playable turret game I've ever seen!!
What kinda war was this? waves came at demand! Damn ever seen german and america do this: Pleaz zir! Wacht! Nicht ready!!

This also made it i could not walk away if i got bored. Watching dmg spam is way to boring. Build the whole screen up with basic turrets and dmg boosters... Nothing came past! Not even till the first 180-corner.

Tip: Waves coming at all the times
More maps
Quality button, seriously lagging if ur going dmg spamming with basics....

Think of that stuff man!


Graphics : 8
Sound : 7,8
Playability : 8,6
Fun : 8
Replay : 7,5


it was ok,needs more to it though.Such as money factories,more towers,more maps,and diffrent difficulties.Other wise its a basic tower defence game,nothing special about it =/ .7/10 4/5


It was a lot of fun, a bit easy though... i got to wave 33 and it became really boring, but overall a great game.