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Wild Wild Cyberen Part 2

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Jan 4, 2009 | 9:30 PM EST

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Author Comments

Watch part one first: /portal/view/477099

Cyberen and Jhonen Vasquez wake up as the aptly named Dr. Steely Tennipples with a recaptured Horsebitch and other handmaidens, informs them of his intentions to capture President Bush at the big ceremony. They find themselves incarcerated in a strange prison, fitted with metal collars and enclosed only by a wire strung at ground level. Cyberen, ignoring Jhonen's advice, crosses the wire and triggers a nearby semen-powered machine which releases two lethal flying disks identical to John Travolta's nipples.

Cyberen and Vasquez attempt to run away, but they soon realize the disks are attracted to the collars' magnetic fields. Following a panicked dash through a field of maize, the two leap into a mud-filled pit from opposite directions, causing the discs to collide in midair. A comic scene follows in which Vasquez loses his temper with Cyberen and accidentally reverses the polarity of their magnets, causing the two collars to stick to each other. Eventually, Jhonen removes their collars and the two stumble across Tennipples's private railroad track, which leads them to Tennipples's industrial complex. Here, they witness Tennipples's ultimate weapon: a gargantuan, steam-powered mechanical penis, bristling with cannons, Gatling guns, and a powerful explosive flamethrower. Tennipples, driving the penis, captures Vasquez and President Bush from the railroad inauguration ceremony at Alamosa, whilst Cyberen is apparently killed by one of Tennipples's bodyguards.

At his industrial complex, a euphoric Tennipples reveals his plan to destroy the US with his mechanized forces unless President Bush agrees to divide the United States with Russia, France, and himself. When Bush refuses, Tennipples threatens to execute Jhonen Vasquez. Before he can do so, he is interrupted by a belly dancer, who turns out to be Cyberen in disguise.

Cyberen, it is revealed, had escaped death when a concealed bulletproof codpiece (made by Vasquez) stopped the bullet fired at him. Using the belly dancer disguise, which he had found in the remains of the train, Cyberen had planned to infiltrate Tennipples's lair and rescue the hostages. However, when Cyberen's brassiere is revealed to be a flamethrower (yet another of Jhonen's inventions), Tennipples's complex is set ablaze, creating enough of a distraction for Tennipples to escape to his mechanical penis with an unconscious Bush while the heroes rescues the other hostages, including Horsebitch.

Jhonen Vasquez and Cyberen, using a flying machine developed by Vasquez (and you thought he just made shitty cartoons!), catch up with the penis and bomb it with nitroglycerin before crashing into it, sending Puta DeCaballo, one of Tennipples's crew, falling off comedically. Unfortunately, another of Tennipples's bodyguards shoots at the flying machine, making Cyberen and Jhonen fall to the penis's control bridge. Tennipples offers the two their lives in exchange for their service to him. Cyberen refuses and is dropped into the engine room to defend himself against the penis's crew, all of whom are fitted with bizarre prosthetic genitals. After Cyberen defeats the crew, Tennipples himself descends into the engine room to defeat Cyberen.

Tennipples, making use of four hydraulic mechanical legs concealed within his wheelchair, pins Cyberen to the floor and stomps on him until Jhonen damages and incapacitates the walking apparatus. Pleading for his life, Tennipples drags himself back to his wheelchair frame as the penis approaches a canyon. Tennipples attempts to shoot Cyberen with the gun concealed in his wheelchair, but hits the control lines of the penis instead, bringing it to a sudden halt just before it plunges into the canyon. The sudden stop sends Cyberen and Tennipples spinning towards the edge of the deck, where they become wedged by the wheelchair. Cyberen deliberately releases the wheelchair, sending both Tennipples and himself plummeting into the canyon.

What will become of our courageous, carrot-coated cowboy? Watch and find out!



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Why do i even bother watching ur vdeos anyway your description on author comments is good but the video is not good.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

lol it suck so much that i laughed

wow i didnt seen sumthing so bad like that in months dude
u make hitler and that guy from the rick rolld thing look like the best persons of the world
1 star cuz it sucks so much that i laughed


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Your flashes are very strange, you take a lot of time creating this story in front, yet you take little to no time creating these crazy flashes that make no sense. Why do you do it? I'm going crazy!

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Just like your other stuff...

Ok, so basically everything made by you I've seen is crap in my opinion, but why do you even bother with the massive fake intro always? you always have a super long intro that's like super indepth weird-ass story thats mostly irrelevant... okay totally irrelevant, it just seems like alot of effort for something so useless. Seriously put some more effort into your flashes, but really no point in me saying that because I believe you don't care right?

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

I think i get it now

You give us the story in the story in the Author's Comments, but then give us a shitty clip to watch. Well, you got balls(just like the dog) , I'll give you that.

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