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Hey! Thanks for the Daily 4th!

There's no easy fix (well, you could get a faster computer), but the little known [Z] key will toggle the number of particles onscreen. 100%, 50% and 0% are available.

UPDATE: 1/4/09: There's been lots of comments stating that wave 28 is too hard, or even impossible. I never designed it to be such, so I've decreased the number of missiles by 50%. Hope that helps.

Neonium is a defense/shooter hybrid that puts you in control of a tower mounted turret in order to fend off waves on incoming enemies. Use the mouse to aim and fire, and 1-5, Q and W to change weapons.
There is a save file function: however, it is one-time use only, meaning you can't use it to restart on level 30 everytime, but rather to continue playing after you take a break. You must NOT quit by going to the pause screen and pressing Q, as this will clear your save file due to the fact that you can submit a high score twice if this isn't taken into account. The game is auto-saved at the end of every wave.
1-5 and Q,W- Change weapons E-Activate laser (if bought and charged) R-Reload M-Mute/Unmute P-Pause (From here Q quits game) Z-Toggles particles (Full, half and none) Click to fire


good game

pretty good game, simple and entertaining but here's a piece of advice from me having played it only for a short time, in the buy menu between levels you dont see details like your health and stuff, I don't know how much "healing health" or whatever to buy to be totally healed, make the buy menu smaller or fit it with hte known details like ammo and etc. so we can see what we're buying and what we need to buy.

apart from that good game, well programmed, visuals are satisfactory at best, music is repetitive, gameplay is the big part in this one though, cheers.

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Great, but a little slow.

The very first waves were great, struggling to keep the enemies off my wall but after I got the sniper rifle and put all my money into speed upgrades and a repair or two I became more or less invincible. After I had maxed the reload speed there were really no other upgrades I needed, had plenty of health, regen was at level two and being wasted etc. By the time I got around to buying the auto turret it was useless and still pretty expensive. This game is probably a lot different with a machine gun but I'd still recommend some tweaks to the rifle or speeding up the curve of the game somewhat. Of course please note I played medium to level 28, I'll try the hardest next time. Good game, well presented with no glaring errors I could see.

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Great keldenm

Excellent work -- another example of so much done with so little... you make it work.

Still, make the gleebs fire on the player. It's too damn easy. I got bored after 15 or so levels and still not having taken a joom of damage.

batterytime responds:

Main problem of making the enemies fire is that if I do, then you won't be able to avoid them. Some bosses will fire destroyable missiles at you though.

good game but..

..got repetitive and is too bland in colour. IMO.

Using the sniper rifle with full reloiad speed upgrades made it challenging and more fun.

This game wasn't bad. I just thought it was a bit unfair. I guess it's a pretty original concept. Well, maybe not, but it was playable. The music was quite good. It certainly fit the mood of the game.

The name of this is freaking awesome! I still wouldn't recommend, though. It got too difficult with the icons. I didn't have a good clear understanding of what I was hitting. Again, not bad.

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3.80 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2009
8:28 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense
  • Daily 4th Place January 5, 2009