Innocent Little Eyes

January 4, 2009 –
July 22, 2009
This entry was blammed by our users.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Do you want to see something beautiful?

How would you explain this to the kids?

Wow holy shit! Front page! I am speechless! Thank you all for this opportunity!


Hahaha hilarious, good job.. i seen that shit happen at parks all the time

Was that something worth seeing?

This is an inspiring work of art which I'm sure many flash artists born with extreme talents strive for day by day, but fail, you sir are a genius, you managed to compile such a stunning animation - I just couldn't believe how well it was made.

you can say this thing is disturbing,but yeah......it sorta is, zoophilia is something we should also avoid like pedophilia and I'm glad that wasn't you killin the cat (raping it)

Seriously how can you have a flash this sexy without one. I am disapointed in you sir.


You have some serious gutts sir.

"it's not cruel. I do this every night in front of my kids so they know what a real man does. You just gotta raise the kids in a correct manner and you'll have alpha kids. like mine."

Alright, so you are a badass. That was still pretty nasty, though. It reminded me of my childhood...
Oh, and I performed MUCH better than that man-thing did. People cheered. PETA paid me money. I pwnd that cat's bootay, doogie styal, yo.

I...I...I'm speechlesss........

I love you. <3

I was not expecting to see that. Inoccent little eyes? Ya more like MAN ****ING A CAT!!!. Good job tho

mhh.. i dont cannot say that i like it... but the cruel truth is, that people on this planet exists that do things like this..

i like how the people look ^^

That scared my lil brother...
Nice idea though lmao

Finally, something awesome on this site.

that sound will haunt my dreams forever

I found this freaking hilarious! I'd say job well done.

that must have been a unpleasant experience for that cat
thank god that wasnt real
i give it a 5 for animation
the idea was a little...


ok so i know the animation and sound wasnt the best i heard/saw but fuckit! this aint the disney 'lets all suck mickeys cock' channel, its a website to see peoples really fucked up ideas if they want to show 'em.

i laughed at this all the way through, and even though it wasnt exactly a life changing expirience, this video did for me what i came to newgrounds for. A cheap laugh.

P.S also like ur response to Jason100. you owned that sonofabitch!

ermmm.... ew?

Uhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Something horrible and all they did was watch. Nothing but watch. No one stopped him, and they all just watched. Everyone is guilty.

im gonna judge this seriously very strange idea so 3 points for creativity flash not so good 1 point lack of any story 1 point and length on short side 1 point adds up to sixx stars and that fits it. pretty messed up man

hah...ill fell pain than nothing at all....people should stop making this kind of crap!

other than the fact of the cat lookin dead n the guy sounding like a freaky jester what was the point of this??

1 star for flash
2 for not getting blammed
3 for the balls
4 for the hell of it
5 for the fact im more of a dog person
*woulda has 6 but i feel the flash was missing a horse

Way to really let out your feelings. I can see your true emotions really went into this. while other people might view this as "disturbing", they're disturbed! nothings wrong with bestiality, if there was, texas wouldnt be part of the USA. woo hoo!

it was very anoying
0/10 0/5

What possessed you to make this?! O_o

I found it was not really funny and hardly entertaining but nice try i guess

was a combo of sound effects and all the mortified reactions. one of the funnier things i've seen on here, the smiling face was priceless.

This is by far one of the sicker things I have seen on NewGrounds. But on the other hand one of the Funnest things as well the faces from the kids to the cat Fucking pervert all and all 8.5

and for future reference do not make something like this again

Loved it, Partly because of my sick mind that pops in every now and then.


5/5 10/10

I need to clean my eyes out with the childrens yummy tears!!! And to think he started with having fun with blenders and cinderblocks.
Neato :) lol.

at first i thought it was somethign retarded but this gave me a great laugh

still so funny....poor cat(i think it was a cat.)

gross but really really funny

why do people keep making a big deal about this? those kids could have looked away, there was a teacher standing there watching too. what that guy does in his personal time is noone elses business, the kids and the teacher are the sick ones for sitting there and watching. And the people that claim that this flash is horrible, disgusting, etc, you people watched it too.

thanks for making me laugh, really funny messed up movie :P

..but I'm afraid that if I do, my soul will explode

A 9 it is

This was good.

the kids expression were funny

no one will ever appreciate this for what it is

i lollerchanned my buttfuck

10/10 seems too cliche, so 9/10 will have to do.

I have but one question for this brilliant (yet also sick) piece of work. Where did you get the squishing sound?

wow, funny!

a bit creepy but cool!!

That was totally sick.
You should go make something else.

i didnt even laugh that is sick that poor cat im guessing you have a mental problem and are transfering to flash cos its sick to mske somthing like this do you have any bloody shame!!!!?????

and to the one fag that said something about bestialityey being illegal...IT'S A FUCKING CARTOON! NOT REAL...FUCKING DRAWN UP ANIMATED, THEN POSTED...GET THE FUCK OVER IT.......anywho...i thought i was pretty funny...and the continuous loop fit together really well too haha

I cannot insult your sense of humor but in a scense like that a scene like that just looks mind scarring, fucking mindscarring, but then again you do show discust on the faces of everyone watching the animal-rapist and that just proves how discusting it is. Long story short, i'm grossed out!

dude thats FUCKING WRONG!!!!

Wong, it says photograph, dumbass.

holy fucking fuck fuck :o

Great plot and character development.
I was filled with intense till the very end, which by the way, blew my mind.

This is definitely an award worthy title.

It had the perfect amount of creepiness and little kids crying!

There is no way you can go wrong there lolz im still trying not to laugh!

But ya.... I agree with everyone... The loop is too noticable... it should be that u watch the same thing about 3 times before you realize whats going on... Also... Him talking kinda ruined it for me... the creepiness was perfect before that...

I lol'd hard.

A wonderfully disturbing piece. The only thing that could have made it better is if the loop were such that it was not so obvious when it starts over. I also think the part where the man says "Oooohh... yeah..." kind of ruined the moment. It would have been more disturbing and nightmare-worthy if the man had continued to stare back at the children in complete silence with those piercing eyes of his.


The loop just tired it out but after the 2nd time I finally got the message that one of your best friends died at an early age PM me we can talk about this and get you some help. Jk it wasnt that disturbing it was funny to a degree but I couldn't tell if he was humping a cat or gremlin. Other than that it was cool.

Perfectly disturbing. Free speech in the highest degree.

if anyone knows how they would explain that to the kids, tell me, i want to hear it

I'm lovin' it.

Hmm, that reminds me. You should make a flash of someone (or a group of black belt ninjas) fucking hamburgers.

For the whole Family
rated 3+
yet another disturbing animation from you...

I am disturbed that the video you made with an old man fucking animals scored so low and didn't win any medals. Come on scoring system, show a little sense and dignity!

I am Disturbed That you made a flash with an old man fucking animals.
Come on man,show a little sense and dignity!

I Freaking Laughed me Ass off!
Then I showed my Dad and He laughed he fat off!;D
We Want more!

You make strange and refreshing animations, you don't get bother by what people say and you take the time to reply to all you reviews/hate mail. Your welcome on my internet anytime.


..Justtuchin' Elementary School.

So this is where the rabbit hole goes. I followed the link to your other work and ended up here. Explain this to the kids? Wouldn't bother, I credit them with enough intelligence to understand f$%ed up when they see it.

A dude fucking a cat. I bet you jismed over your own creativity . You certainly are a genius lol.

Next time if you are trying to make some kind of social commentary at least make it ring true. Most kids would laugh at you if you were f$%ing a cat these days, not cry.

funny as well i think you could explain it better if you sat them down and showed them how to do it personally

Oh jeeze, i don't think there is any way to say i like this flash without sounding weird...

Make more?

Was a zero too low for you? Maybe this review will be accepted then: this flash doesn't belong here. It doesn't use a new animation style, it doesn't bring the 'story' in a special, supportive way, there is nothing besides the ugly scenario that makes it stand out in any way. There, happy?

I fuxking LOL'd my pants, showed this to my mom, my friends , my enemies, anyone I knew. This flash should be the persona for newgrounds, keep on keepin on dude

sorry? this is disgusting... how horrible give you a 0 for such an lame show and yea.. +1 for not making my laugh

And I thought 'No Big Deal' was crazy creepy. Looks like your mind gets worse...

So you got out of that assylum and decided to make a flash you could relate to...

On to a more serious matter for a small loop flash its not bad you might want to add some more to the beginning and end to mabye give a reason for this feline felatio and a conclusion.


i bet you go to thems "4chons" dont you

i dont know what your deal is. i dont know if you just think its funny or if you are demented. i give it a 1 for the concept but a 7 for the animation.

lol, am i SUPPOST to get an erection to this :P

well, i can just say that it is nice for those who like it.
once i'm not one of them, i didn't like it =)

Love this one!
That happened at my school one time...
Thanks for the laugh Niggens McCaffrey!

lol so random, like it.
kind of exciting too...

you ar so sick i find this offensive you should kill yourself............ oh, thats right thats all the other uptight jerks on new grounds. this is a true masterpiece my friend. its so random and gross but so funny

This is not funny at all
Go to hell for even thinking this up

deeb meed cleeb

i think people go way too hard on this one. I mean come on, so, its warped, but thats the funny thing! It's one of those situations where is like " I know we all think about that, but i can't belive they went there!" ill give it a 9 because its like- i know this subject is funny, but you ACTUALLY WENT THERE. but in most ways, thats the good thing. Finally a flash with noo randomness of childish humor, just a great straight forward joke. Kinda like family guy. Anyway, that squshy noise just made me laught 10 times more.i can't belive that you actually made fun of necrobeastyality, which is the magic.you belive in freedom of speech!

hahah you're a fxcking psycho! hahahahah 4 for animation, 9 for funny as fuck :')

make more hah!

that sound gave me the chills fucking creepy thanks for the nightmares

what the hell? these flashes you make obviously take some lower cognative thinking to make. Are you under some sick psychosis that you haven't been checked for the newest one that you post I gave you one star this gets nothing.

What the hell did I just watch? xD

you get 5

this flash sucks.

dear niggens, i love both of your clips about this typical american boy.
It reminds me off Salad Fingers back in the days, i think it could use abit more scenes,
since these are too short in my opinion. I thank you for your kind of vision on todays world.

Beukgevaar, all stay alive and well, now.

The cat looked cute when it was being penetrated. Lolz.


thats disgusting and didn't wanted to see that but it was funny

I can see how some folks think this might be funny but the humor of this flash eludes me.

what the hell is wrong with you?!?!?but its so damn funny!

What did i just see?

about one of the sickest, twisted things i have ever seen. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! but i CANT STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!! AND I WOULDNT KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT TO THE KIDS.

this is the greatest creation of mankind, for as it questions reality in its own why, it also makes us think more of ourselves, who are we? what is our purpose? is there a god. this is a must watch for anyone, of ANY age

if kitty crew shit gets on here, this should be 10/10 5/5

This gorgeous piece of animation brought a tear to my eye. The story, the audio, even the ecstatic kitten made me full of joy. I just want to dance now I've seen perfection in its ultimate form.

animation is good, very smooth animation and good pick of music, but;
Swim thinks this story is sick and swim thinks you should, 1: be banned from submitting on here, 2: be kept at least 200 meters away from public schools, 3: check your self in, put a stray jacket on and rock your head back and forth, singing banna phone

Thats NECRObeasteality. The cat is dead.

Filth and completely lacking any humor. You have wasted precious moments of my life with this. Neither art nor thought went into this and it's shameful it made it to the front page

My sense of humor is like yours, except worse.

Funny shit man.
Dark humor's the best.

You honestly expect us to LIKE this?!?! I mean, really.... You meant this animation to look bizzarre. And on top of that, it has a dead cat being fucked by this psycho character you created. How the hell did THIS get on front page??lol I laugh cuz its so stupid. This is really disturbing. I mean it would be better if it was some chick getting killed in a horror movie setting. Or if it was like the Hostile movies. All I'm saying is if it's gonna be disturbing, it should be scary at the same time. not creepy and bizzarre like this.

you wanted to see a guy having sex with a dead cat and you accomplished that. I am only wondering if there was a punch line because I watched the same animation loop about five times before I'd had enough. I give one star for effort. You managed to finish this and that deserves something.

Please, If you do another one consider having a story. It could make all the difference. That was sick, but if their were a payoff it may have been much better recieved.

He made a sequel. That's right, the person who made this disgusting dirty sicko pervert character also made a sequel. He stabs himself, a black guy (I think Niggens McCaffrey is racist for making the black guy look wierd) and touches little boys and men. WTF? Again, like I said I don't think Niggens is as sick as his character. But despite this VERY good points I present. I'll have to put a 2 for animation. It's a review so c'mon. And I must ask this, Tom, next time Niggens puts something like this on NewGrounds, do NOT under any circumstances put it on Front page you know why? Because it'll motivate him to do more.

that was kind of twisted haha

This was....disterbing

that was fuckin terrible......quit while your ahead!!!!!

Hilarious. LMFAO

You all sat there and watched it on loop, wondering, was the sickness ever going to come to an end? I'm sure you watched a couple of passes before just shutting it off at your threshold. You gotta see what Mr. Niggens McCaffrey is trying to say here people :)

How could you so mean to do that to a cat!?
This movie is messed up and offensive because I like cats!
Next time, when you make a flash, don't have a guy rapeing a cat in it.
Please be nice to cats!

I think you need some help. This was messed up dude.

i mean the shock value is funny but thats it? nobody like blows that guys brains out in front of the kids? or at least make him blow his load and the cats head explodes come on man!

When waz fucking cats the new style?

so i was disgrased i have a kitten next to me right now and believe me i was just appauled

dude, this is not only sick and disgusting beyond belief, it's absolutely pointless, i'm sorry but this sucks.

but i love the way all the little kids eyes look; and that made me laugh

omg your a weird-o why the heck is the guy f***ing a cat in the school? dude rthat's liek so0o0o wrong mayin. i hope you go to heck plz mak moar

who would rape a cat?????????????????????????

i hated it

A person that makes a flash like this, can't be right in his head!
No offence to you I dunno who you are, but don't make a flash about beastiality, you don't know shit about that, it's not funny!

Other than that, the animation was alright, make something normal next time.


Well I think this needs some work. The premisis (what do you say to a kid that saw this?) is interesting but wasn't taken in a good direction. I think it would have been funny if you showed the parents trying to rationalize this to the kids or give them a "facts of life" talk after seeing a cat which appeared to be dead get humped. The main focus of the flash (cat being humped) might be better for a quick sight gag in a larger project or showing everything but the cat rape including the squishing sounds so people can imagine something that might be worse. Again sorry if this is rude, congrats on the front page I guess and good luck in the future.

I have to say that this was the only flash that caught my eye when i logged into newgrounds today. I like to look for the flashes that are not so serious. There usually really funny. Most of the time there fucked up as well :D

Thanks for this. It really cheered me up! (Wow, that's pretty fucked up, isn't it?)
I really hope the score goes up to at least a 7. Oh, and congratulations on front page! Good job. It really is a piece of art.

And this gets featured! I don't mind cr*p like this being on this site but when I see something getting featured, I might watch it as I expect it to be slightly less cr*p than the rest!

Here's some constructive criticism: No story line, bad graphics, disgusting, short, looping... etc...

Very strange and disturbing, yet slightly arrousing at the same time. I love it! tops submission!

the beauty of catfucking

This is exactly what Tom loves.
Bless his heart, that creep.

A real creep that guy.

Im sorry, but this is just too bad. This had no practical meaning and why would you even share this with probably a quarter of the world. If your going to make it sick, make sure it doesnt make you look like a rapist or a person with sick fantisies.

You're either socially retarded or/and have some sick fantasy's.

On a tiny plus note...the drawing wasn't as crap as a lot on Newgrounds

Try to make a story line at the very least - you can't expect to make a flash revolving around a dead cat getting nailed in the ass to get good scores.
Simple shock value comedy went out the window when people watched more than a handful of Family guy episodes.

Trust me - you're no Tricky the Clown

Awfull :|

And handthatbites, no they do not allow shit like this in sweden, check your facts.

for some reason, after watching this video I wandered to 4chan

no joke if im correct displays of both necrophillia and qoophillia (beastiality) are both illigal in most contries (i think swedon allow it), flash or otherwise (depens how it is taken mayeb wrong her tho. but this really is sick in most ways, im saying this for the good of mankind GET HELP NOW!

pleas come up withsomething that isnt that offensive, i dont usualy mind but this is kinda OTT. maybe sommit about gang crime or even suicide at least there less offensive to the general public, there maybe kids watching you know.

Remembers me of that movie with the tree saying to the girl: "You need to check this shit". And the girl watches and then on top of his head are 2 squirels getting it on.
Movie also loops in the same way.

thats messed up... sick... i just threw up a little... make that a lot...


I laughed. that's disturbing. Very effective work. lol :/

this whole thing is a loop of some guy screwing a cat infront of children. if that doesnt violate newgrounds rules, then this site is worthless. if i knew how to blow my whistle i would

brb fap

Im not offended or anything, but how did this make front page? Its just like the clock crew. Only a tad better.

And I quote myself: "Tom Fulp does have a sense of humor, you know...Right?"

Poof just like that I'm done with Newgrounds, you guys were already getting bad but this was the final straw. Fuck you Newgrounds from the people who love cats <3 >'.'<


That was quite random, not sure what to see really. I guess the animation was okay. I laughed a little when I saw the dude doing that....yeah.

it made me laugh.

dont be so sensitive, its just a fucking cartoon

What the deuce?! Did you post this just to see the reactions of the NG-users? To me, this seems like a short thats made just to pass time between classes by a premature little monkeycunt(like you)... And why Tom put this on frontpage is either a) he is an angry daterapist, or b) he wanted to get the author shitstormed by us users

Man, I watched that loop at least twice before I calmed down enough to close it an write this. Still chuckling.....thanks for this....I think i made my night.

Seriously, you need help. How can you create something like this and end up on the home page!?

Somethings going down at Newgrounds... Alot of bad stuff is making it to front page... I logged on just to give this a 0 so it would count for more!

Scary thought.... Has the kat krew won?... DID THEY TAKE OVER NEWGROUNDS!?! Nooo! I'll save you Tom! I'M COMING!!!


what an interesting submission.

I gotta hand it to you. that has to be the worst video ever created right there. Congratulations mate.
Please stop making videos. PLEASE!

Btw how did this get front page? I dont think I'll ever know

He better use protection <_<



FUck loops btw.
wouldve been nice if it ended.

and if you did this just to piss off people, good job.
i'm reading all the reviews before and just lol'ing bc I'm assuming they are serious and i'm assuming you are not.

That made me laugh a bit, it was disturbing.

sick humor is funny only when you know how to deliver it, it is clear you do not know how. a man having sex with what looks like a dead cat in front of kids and that's IT is stupid and gross. I thought it was going somewhere but instead only looped. I am also ashamed with the newgrounds community for it being on the front page. guh.

You did well on this animation.

The animation style and music perfectly fits this sort of weird/strange/wrong subject and work together well to transfer the akwardness and gross-ness to the audience.

Ofcourse it is a rather weird thing to animate, getting a lot of weird looks (as you can see from most reviews here) but I congratulate you on being able to set such an atmosphere in a flash.

Nothing felt out of place, it all fitted.

The only thing I don't really like about it is the fact that it's a loop... and I generally dislike loops. But that's just my personal opinion =)

This deserved nothing less than turd of the week and MUCH less than the front page.
It was badly drawn,had VERY poor taste ,sick noises...
If I could give this less than 0/10 I surely would,as low as It can get.Your a terrible animator

I love a disturbing flash as much as the next guy, but this one just wasn't funny the way it was delivered, the art and animation quality is poor, and it just wasn't worth my time. The only thing you're really getting points from me for is successfully hitting your target market.

Im a little creeped out... but still sick kinda humor... its odd... im gona stop typing now

I have no idea how this got front page..It was very gross, and kind of wrong. You get a 5 because i guess the sound at least played at the right time with the flash. And maybe because the animation wasn't horrible but still..ugh?

This is sick . This is irritating and annoying . Seriously if u wan to create a clip , create a better one

very very sick sense of humor. i like it ;)

HAO DID TIZ MAEK TEH FRUNT PAEG?!?!?!?!?1//1//1/1?!?!?1//1?!!?

Wow..I'd have to shrug it off like "Yeah sorry kids, some freaky-deakies can't get laid by people so they have to fuck cats."

>.> I wouldn't have a real answer...

That wasnt at all what i expected. Like the randomness of it. good job

Since I last saw decent thing like this on the FP. Thanks god you were ever born dude.

And thanks as well for letting all the stuck up retards that are flooding on the internet. We now know who the are, we can start pin point and shoot them on sight :D

yea this is newgrounds.we really could have gone without the blood tho.and the whole video put on a loop thing i hate it so you put some more horrible gay shit that people will laugh at=]

i actually found that entertaining.

and cool at the same time. Love it. Looking forward to your future work.

rather funny actually. And the dude is rite. how could you expect anythng less from newgronds.

Seriously people, this is newgrounds. Why would you expect anything less then horrible dark humour once in a while?? I thought this animation was funny, but the comments were even funnier xD

u r m3ss3d up man. haha. 5/10 just caus 3vry1 hat3s it.

What I find tastier than this nugget of internet goo, is that someone with the name "Zombie-Blood-Thirsty" is complaining about this crap. A little bit of irony which always helps the medicine go down.

Anywho, the animation style fitted well with the warped concept, as did the sound (the ohhh yeaa was hilarious).

To all you haters out there... have you never done something just to piss all over the good guys? Let he without sin cast the first blah blah blah.



I have to agree with vdorod.

Most reviewers are taking this so seriously, and its pretty funny how serious they take the internet and a flash cartoon. Haha, a flash cartoon, you hear that you pathetic pecker heads! 10/10 for causing unnecessary controversy.

P.S. NG has a ESRB style rating system for a reason. Grow up and come to realizations that this is NG, not cartoonnetwork.com.

This is just terrible. Terrible art, sound, idea, everything. The sad thing is, that spot on the front page could have been given to something actually desreving.

Im very surprised that this merited a front page. The problem is is that the innocent eyes are not just IN the animation, quite a few are outside looking at it with theirs. I aint a prude but I cant see the point in showing a pervert having
anal sex with a cat in front of kids in the playground whilst their eyes fill with tears.
The trouble is at the end of the day lots of parents catching their kids watching this on Newgrounds, wont allow them to watch anything else on NG. Bad move
bad publicity and bad story.

its got awful audio and the animation is not good
its still funny because the author comments say how would you explain this to the kids.
some people need to chill more and actually set a review that has insight instead of personal opinion since theres bound to be countless shit that will piss you off, and after all its flash not a real video
i would recomend putting the comments at the end rather than make it a loop and put different soundtrack

not that bad
some props to ya

that is the funniest shit i have seen all week! fuck everybody else!

This really does remind me of older NG. Simple gross out animation with very unsettling undertones. Nice work.

thats sick ,isnt funny

Bestality isn't funny.

Well done sir.

That's just...Sick.

the sad thing is; i've seen something like this happen... not the greatest time of my life i can assure you.... i have to say though I lol'd then and I'll lol now... but it doesn't deserve front page.

Why is this on the frontpage? Who selects these things?

I admire the sickness of this animation, but still... there isn't much more here than shock value.

This is perhaps one of the best pieces that has ever made front page. So much so that I had to make an account and voice my opinion just to counteract all of the people trying to mark this down.

Sometimes animations are created to challenge our beliefs or what we find funny. If you thought this was distasteful or terrible perhaps you should question yourself and why you can't just laugh at something so far fetched. Remember, this is animation not real life. We have to live in fantasy to forget the grim reality of everyday life.

Thank you for challenging these narrow individuals, and thank you for making this front page.

If you want to see more fucked up shit that makes you laugh on front page, vote this up so we can see it. Enough of the same mellow and unfunny videos, bring on shock value and people fucking cats with no lube.

I couldn't agree more. This is a brilliant portrayal of todays society. It may seem messed up, but you know some sick F*** is out there doing it somewhere.

This is a commentary on life in general. Frankly, this should be up for academy awards. Way to go Niggens MaCaffrey on your brilliant portrayal of society.

This is by far one of the best videos ive seen on newgrounds. People who don't understand the genius of it should die in a fire with all their loved ones.

you must have the most buetiful soul.

AND I DONT MEAN AWESOME SICK(DONT THINK ANYONE SAYS THAT ANYMORE), i mean disgusting and perverted sick! disqusting!

I don't review a lot anymore but I just had to log in to defend this.
I don't get how people can't find this funny. It doesn't make sense? It makes perfect sense. The guys screwing a cat and the kids are sad.


really I truely don't see how a person can fuck a cat or dog, phiscly i know what they do, but sticking it in wouldn't that be hard? and its just why would you??? only unless you are really bad at getting a girl

This was quite the pervese sick flash but it did give me a laugh and the fact that it scored front page is just hilarous.

I just dont get it.. Im like.. Ive watched this a couple of times and i just dont get it. Ive seen some weird shit on newgrounds, but this one just. I just keep thinking "Why". Why make a flash about a dude screwing a cat, why even screw a cat, and also. How did you come up with this? I guess any work that brings forth a reaction is good work.. But dude. This just. Wow i am indeed speechless..

Kudos on making the most confusing flash ive ever seen. This beats Alfreds playhouse by far.

how the fuck is this original. there are so many flashes like this one. they arent supposed to make any sense at all just creep you out. this wasnt clever it wasnt funny it was just a waste of everyones time thinking that this would be funny seeing that it is on the front page.

Personal giving it the Turd of the Week. Congrats, you earned it!

I am not a cat lover in any way. but i think you wasted your time on making this.
amazingly it got front page.

the cat looked weird.. and the man was fucking ugly and creppy in the face.
reminds me of Salad Fingers..

Work on it. though i am going to vote 1.
it is right that NG started with crappy 2 frame animations showing sex with animals and other stuff.

uh.. yeah.

great cartoon, original, entertaining and funny.
buncha faggots that actually criticize you on your flash. yea cause the guy rapes cats. keep making funny shit like this. this is how ng started on perverted sick shit. congrats

Yet funny in a sick way. Jesus, lighten up ppl.

This is really funny for in a sick way but it was sad as well look that poor cat it has spitted blood and it looks so tired it's gonna die every moment but if some sick pervert watches this then he will enjoy this. :( 2/10

sucks badly. no plot, no point, no laughs.

do you know what, i thought it was kinda funny in a sick way. i'm surprised at a such a low score, i would above around 2 would be appropriate. its sick but i dont think it deserves such bad reviews. lighten up people jeez.

hes fuckin a freakin cat that looks like my penis

Great work, I really loved it. This is what NG needs more of and at the same time this is what NG was all about when it started.

I really hope you're making more of that (;.

this was funny, but seems unfinished.
where's the money shot?

Not to say it was a great flash, but look how upset people are. ROFL. "Oh my god I can't believe this got to the front page newgrounds is retarded" Some people just don't understand what NG is about.

Decent flash, not hilarious but slightly entertaining I guess.

1/10 because it motivated me to stop looking at random NewGrounds videos and get back to homework.

i loved every second

This gotta be proof that front page is just totally randomly picked....

sickening,weird as hell,but laughable to the max! XD

Ew ahhh the blood the crying the pain Im gana be sick.

well it was a flash.it didn't shock me as bad as some of the stuff on the internet like 4chan.but i have GOT to say this that....was.... weirrrrd..

this reminds me of an old submission that was eventually blammed, where a guy raped and killed a puppy. now i have no idea how this made it to the front page but i'm kind of glad that it did. people need to be punched in the brain by something like this now and then; something that leaves them asking what the hell they just watched and wondering why they sat through it.

Not only was that disgusting it was wrong. You got some issues man, might wanna check it out. And if you get a G/F don't even mention this flash to her.

no words for this video...
it's soooo sick....

Dude. What is wrong with you. Raping a cat? I mean come on. The animation was even bad.

Imagine yo see tihis in the real life...
We have a innocent little eyes...
its horrible...


thats just messed up

Needs more story!! xD and a twist like the cat is actually an alien! ahha jk but yea wouldnt mind seeing a plot, just one of the weird things you have to prepare yourself to see on the net, make sure to see what the movie is classified before you watch!

Some potential
Make it longer, i agree with iamsototallyworthit

...I make the same face like this all kids when I saw how he is HAVING SEX WITH DIED CAT :O


I think that if there was more to the story that this could have been a great flash. I was a little confused as to why it was simply a mentally ill man having sex with a cat. The children had very frightened looks on their faces and that seemed like the correct response it's just that there was no conclusion. It felt incomplete. I recommend making this a little longer to have a proper ending. Other than that I do find this very sick but I have seen worse things in real life.

Totally unexpected! Lol. Well, it's definitely not my cup of tea but I guess it is a good mind fucking as a user below described it. I think it deserves a better score than what people give it because it seems rather rebellious and off the wall. Seriously though, how the hell would I explain this...to anybody? Haha

This was a bit of a odd adventure. In future, try and make things more... funny.. and less really screwed up.

How would u explain this 2 kids? how explain this 2 anyone.

I mentally scarred for life. personally i think this should be on the front page, people need a good mind f***ing once in a while. good job.

I don`t realy know what to say maybe this is some kind of test to see how people react at this kinda stuff the carcter looks a little funy just easy on the story don`t make this kinda shit anymore . Good luck

Idea is extraordinary but still funny!
Cat seems to enjoy it too!

Other than that... well... work on... everything...

You are a sad, sad, man.

You, sir, are something special... Im not sure what kind of "special" though... its better if we never find out...

Stay away of my children... or any children for that matter!

But then again... it is very important that you carry on doing what you are doing, don't let anybody deter you from your odd odd path.

look mate, I dunno how to put this bluntly, given that you're obviously a slow person,
but your animation is just sadly average,and your script shines for its absence of coherency.
Perhaps you should seek psychological help, seriously, im not kidding.
but either way, appart from expressing my serious disgust for your movie (even anusboy was better) I'd like to congratulate you for getting on to the front page

you had me laughing and saying what the fuck for about five minutes straight good job mate!

i dont wana be mean or anything, but that was absolutely pointless, what were you thinking when you were doing this? needs some improvement, i dont really mind the animation, but it has neither a plot nor clever humor, nor anything that would be clasified as a good quality in a flash-animation i could not force myself tow atch the whole thing, i apologize if i offended you but it was just awful...

I chuckled. True story.

Might want to work on that... yeah... I mean it had some effort.

Animation was decent. The humor was absurd in a funny way. The music choice was great.

I liked it. It's in bad taste but that's why it's funny.

kinda funny, too short, no point, 10 for pops and gigglefarts

Wow, I'm going to have to start watching the stuff you put out. The animations were smooth, and I really enjoyed your artwork.

There's a lot in store for your future man. I'm not sure why so many people are hating on your flash and giving you 0s, but they're obviously just trying to be buttholes since they can't make anything that can compare.

I'm actually going to be a NICE reviewer and tell you that you did a job well done!

OH yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, its the truth

ok i was gonna make a vow to from now on only review front page if its a posotive feedback,but honestly...
i cant help but feel now its just so wrong there putting this of all thing up...

C'mon Tom!! we know you wouldnt want this crap on the front page!!

ill probly get banned from reviewing after this,but im sorry i just really think this is not fit for its area.

"funny sick" is always good, but "sick sick" with interspecies is just not something i'd condone

this flash was beauty in its highest form.

I've seen pretty nasty stuff, and this is just pointless vulgarity and obscenity. The animation and sound was not terribly smooth and could be improved; overall, it was just about standard. The entertainment value of the piece would have improved with a substantive story. I think, however, before you improve your animation, dealing with any outstanding moral problems might be of greater immediate interest; I hope you do not approve of what is portrayed here.

I just would never be able to believe that something ike this would end up on the front page. Tom Fulp is really screwing up lately...

Anyway, for the constructive criticism part, all i can say is you did a better job than alot of other people did when it comes to the actual art. I see at least a little effort and judging from other peoples crap I've seen, I have to commend you.

HOWEVER...I can understand weird and sick things being on newgrounds, hell I love to see that kind of thing here, but the blatant vulgarity of this animation is just going rather far. Even the hentai and all those things serve SOME purpose whether it's for those lonely guys out there who get off on seeing cast members of the teen titans get raped by whom/whatever or simply being interested in seeing something artfully and tastefully disturbing like, I don't know, Retarded Animal Babies. I really dont care about what is happening, it's more the fact that there is absolutely ZERO story, structure, or entertainment in this piece. To me it just looks like someone drew a dead cat getting screwed in an elementary school playground for the same general purpose that people put computer viruses on the web that do nothing but crash your computer. Simply to piss people off and shove a disgusting image in front of people who are fortunate enough to be able to hope for a tasteful piece of work regardless of the warning labels, I think we ALL have seen at least one animation with such a label and found it to be deep and entertaining.

Please remember, I don't write this out of bitterness or spite, I just wouldn't be able to keep a clear conscious if something wasn't said with all due respect and merit. I could have just written like so many others that it's gross and should be removed.

ok that's sick...but mostly it's just poor quality and animation piled together along with a stupid idea:S

was the kid that teared up when he was looking at the horrendous act of sex to this dead animal. I actually laughed so I gave it a 3/5.
The art is well, not so great... but it made the cut. It is plotless so no points for that. I kinda see how shocking this would have been, so the people with the expression and tears, deserves some credit. 6/10
But.... that was sick, LOL. It has a sick sense of humor. good job

long life to cat rapers!
oh man, that was soooo sick!

not my thing but even as these things go its just a loop =/

Look. It doesn't have to be clean... just do something better than a cheap shot at shock value.

It wasn't funny. It was just sick and it loops...

i agree totally with bluefox. but for the loop and poor quality animation i only give it a 4.

as the paragraph says when people make these reviews " if u give a low score , give constructive criticism" and yet all i see is a bunch of people complaining about the morality ......if you havent noticed , ide like to point out this is a submission with a mature rating , not saying there arent the kids who sneak into the mature area but it is on you for the fact you watched this submission , i believe he did this quite alright , yet the idea of it being a loop with no real plot apart from a man fucking a dead cat infront of a elementry school does kinda make me ponder if there couldve been more to it , like a intro of the guy walking up or a ending to that guy in the background .... but all that aside, to those submitting 0's and calling the submission messed up and sick, well....it is, and thats what newgrounds has been about , where someone can submit ether a documentary flash on a bear or submit furry hot sex flashes .... if you cant be mature enough to watch something and grade it on its plot, or artistic value , instead of bringing politics and society views , then you shouldnt be in this site , there are people who cant even take the time to make flashes....let alone draw them decently ....if you have issues with this , i better not see any of you making reviews on retarded animal babies

if you have been here for years NG is laced with this stuff lol

Keep pushing those envelopes asshole

High fives.

I'm giving it 4 coz tbh... i love twisted sick shit. not that i would condone this kind of stuff... but 4 for shock value... wtf?!?? value to most of you. aside from that, the animation wasnt great... and how this got front page (like many others have said) is beyond me.

oh god. That was pretty nasty dude i think i am mentaly scared. Um ya juts gonna sum up everything everbody else was saying sept for the guy who gave u a 10 who was probaly jacking off to it. I am going to rember u name mister (NoodleCream) and never watch any of these movies again so ya.

As others have said, this was sick, and twisted, and wrong. But it was also out of the ordinary. Since so many people hated it (lying to themselves), I'm giving it a 10. Thanks for doing something that was just... different. Even if it was horrible.

It was sick, it was twisted and it was outrageous.

It was perfect.

every time it looped it got funnier and funnier.. im still laughing now that i closed it out.. that was the most fucked up flash ive seen in a while hahahahaha but it made me laugh my ass off.. nice job haaha

You just don't see this classic NG stuff anymore!


Keep up the good work!

This is the essence of Newgrounds
you hit the ball out of the park with this one don't let any of these other guys make you think otherwise

let them say something after they get their stuff on the FRONT PAGE xD

I didn't like it. Music was ok, but other than that, no thanks.

...It really sets the mood; if it wasn't for the music, I think this short would suck.
3/5 7/10

i duno mayn i think u pissed alot of people off

This is what newgrounds used to be about man! This kicks ass and takes names. Make more.

the kids faces LAWL....

This is disgusting. Raping a dead cat in front of a bunch of elementary kids? This hardly deserves the front page. The animation, sound, and content all sucked. Congrats.

Im pretty sure I could have gone my whole life without ever seeing this.

This is the best hentai hoax spam flash I've EVAR seen! And I've seen a LOT of them. Ironically, that still doesn't make it all that great. Shock value just ain't what it used to be. And a 30 sec repetitious loop is boring. I was hoping for more plot. Or at least the guy to squirt and it to come out the cat's mouth or something. This could have been so much more.

This isnt even funny at all. This is something an immature 11 year old might joke about but not actually take the initiative to make a flash out of it.
This is just in really bad taste and really poorly done.

A really profound short film in which the creator depicts with shocking accuracy a slice of life that will leave the viewer confused, insulted, and perhaps a little enlightened. This flash animation epitomizes the sense of humor and style upon which Newgrounds was founded.


Bless your soul. This isn't the least bit humorous.

It didn't disgust me, shock me, make me laugh. It didn't make me feel much of anything. All I thought was "OK." Congratulations, you made a flash movie and it got front page. Even though it was poorly animated, and didn't really show me much of anything.

I would work maybe on improving your skills in flash a bit more for your next project. Many poorly animated pieces get away with it simply because the content is genuinely funny or well written. Currently your style isn't particularly distinctive, and the story was unfulfilled. But I do see some potential for you if you're willing to spend longer on your flash movies, since you obviously know atleast how to animate. Also, jagged animation only really work well if the lines are distinctive. (I find looping animation annoying aswell if it doesn't flow well with itself).

This piece wasn't made to improve your skill, or to get a point across, or share your opinions. You just made it because you felt like shocking people a bit, but noone is sure whether you intended to shock them in a good or bad way. Maybe you even intended to do both.

Regardless, you got the response from the public you wanted, so I suppose that is a good thing. Just put a little bit more effort into the next one if you're going to make it so short. Atleast then it can be both shocking and visually appealing. I thought I'd leave a bit of criticism so you can get a better response next time, but it's up to you whether you read this or not in the end.

The animation sucks and it just isn't funny. I already had my fill of bestiality jokes in middle school.

It might (strong emphasis on MIGHT) have been funny if you put some kind of upbeat music to it and/or at the end shown a kid joyously exclaim "ITS A KITTY!" and had everyone go "Awwwwww" or something along those lines.

that man eating a dia cat?
thati is...................................

That was terrible...I didn't enjoy that at all.

The animation was sloppy too

that was awesome! I like your sense of humour

It doesn't have to be funny to be on Newgrounds. This certainly has a shock value to it most people wouldn't try to create. I don't know why exactly you made this, but it was pretty cool. It made my emotions act up and that's what makes it worth something. But it was petty fucked up.

5 our of five! Excellent!

...that isnt rlly a compliment. Although it was drawn better.


I have a dark sense of humour, but sadly, the only part I found funny was the look on the cats face whilst it was being humped, unfortunately, even that became boring pretty quickly.

-It does not need to loop.
-you can animate at least
-the simplistic look of the characters somehow at least makes it look funny in the first instance.
-The music is completely wrong for it
-There is no need to include kids in this, it just takes it from being dark humour to sick :/

I have no idea how you got front page :(

this is not even funny

Surprisingly awful. Seriously terrible, nothing funny in the least and the animation isn't even very good. I logged in just to rate this with no stars.

Why material of this quality (in this case, lack thereof) is promoted on the front page is beyond me.

Was he doing a cat? Or was that a goblin/guinea pig/dog?
I'm generally concerned more than anything.
Honestly you don't deserve...ANY stars. I usually give maybe 1 or 2 for effort... but honestly... What the hell was going through the minds of the people who let this sick flash on the front page?

Besides from also wanting to jackoff. Just wondered what will happen if something was to be done about it. I guess they just looked and cryd the rest of there lives.

but it made me want to jack off so ima give it a 10 rofl

Did you just resubmit this? Cos I'm sure I saw it ages ago...

Ahahahahaha! Deary me. I had an inkling that is was going to be something like this. Two thumbs up sunshine. People are clearly taking this far to seriously. I expect to see more things this disgustingly idiotic on the website soon boyo.

LOL everyone calm down. Nobody get this pissed a David firth and salad fingers is WAAAAAAAAAAY more disturbing than that. Just coz he tried somthing new.
(that goes for the author AND the person in it!)
Just loosen up a bit guys GEEZ
Anyway this is a review:
It could of been better. The music fitted perfectly
The plot was very simple (LOL) You could improve the animation.
Also i want to know some backstory some EMOTION
"IS the cat ok with it?" "Were is he were he is?"
Ok youll probably guessed i am going nowhere with this really....
If your going for david firth sorta thing have the guy saying " Ohh. i love it when you scratch me!"
You can't go anywere else really with a guy raping a cat!
I thought i would just give a positive comment!
WHOA ITS WELL LONG(the comment! it got sorta out of hand!)

that was sure offensive.

really offended.

I can't believe how offended I am.

My question to you is how do you expalin this to any moral human being? This is just wrong.

lol how would you explain that to kids lol

Hey you went for creepy and disturbing and and thats what you got. I have no idea how i would explain it to anyone (When a Man and Cat love each other very much) Yeah all these guys are probably Cat lovers because they're GAY. Ya' know they got the cat books with the pics of cats rolling on the floor. Search oh youtube vids of cats playing with objects.....Shoulda picked a skunk, no one likes a skunk


Not sure quite what to make of this one. I admit, my black sense of humor allowed me to be amused at first, but then it just kept going on, and...it looped. I've seen far worse animation on Newgrounds, so the quality didn't really register as being quite so much a factor as that there is no real story.

True, there are many entries out there without a story, but the problem was that this one seemed set up to HAVE one, and did not deliver. This could have been a lot funnier if there was a change in the background sound from the dramatic tone to a comedic one (maybe even the use of some well-placed silence), and if it was cut much shorter. While it can be fun to purposefully shock and disgust people, strange as it may sound, it does need to be done right. The current "soundtrack" to it presents too tense a tone at the very start, and only makes it become a very ugly scene - unsettling and harder to watch.

Artistic style is in the eye of the beholder - after all, one of the greatest animators of our time, Don Hertzfeldt, has won many awards for films that are really not much more than animated stick-figures. Ergo, each person has their own drawing style, and I cannot fault a style. Originality in design is very crucial.

However, even the most brilliant designs can be cut down by ill-conceived editing and wrong choices in sound.

With the right music blurb and a different cut, this could be a short knee-slapper. But, I'm afraid, as it stands now, it just kind of leaves a person feeling awkward...

Front page? I just don't get it.

I'm giving you 1 star simply because you figured out how to use flash.

This is pretty much trash. I mean, I didn't even chuckle a little. Nor did it shock me. It failed at the two things it was meant to do. Sorry buddy, but you need to try MUCH harder.

When I clicked the play button, I was expecting something more suprising then this, but when I saw what it was, I was disgusted to even think that someone would dare create such a video! To even think that someone would have the mind to think about that as well, it was too much! And with poor quality image on top of that! I am sorry to say this, but the fact that it is so roughly animated and that the subject be so disgusting, it makes me give this low score.
If you wanted to have an approach on that subject, I think it would have been more interesting to actually change the animation style as well as the background music. If you are trying to sensibilize parents about people doing incredibly irrespectful things to animals, you can't approach it in a comedic way, you definetly have to approach it in a more dramatic style. This video might even offend some viewers...
I just hope that this flash animation was not based on a true story...

There is nothing you could do to improve this because it is made out of horrible.

Maybe next time, try to do something less 'guy fucking an animal in front of kids looping' and more... well, you're the 'artist'. You come up with something better.

Themes such as these require more substance to be interesting, some kind of a punchline. You offer nothing but poorly drawn public bestiality.

You completely botched the last scene. Wasn't he just in front of a bunch of people with a building behind him? You paid no attention to recreating the very scene that you had set in motion.

This was awful in subject, design, and quality. As an effort to add some constructive criticism, try a little harder. Be a little more creative.

Like many sad.... Sound is the only good thing going for this flash....

Poor Quality on the animation.... an just keeps showing that same retarded scene..... no purpose to this flash at all.. I really wonder who charges what goes on the front page... I really think some of you admins are idiots for letting trash like this even on the site... I mean beastiality for one.. an its DEAD... an young children watching... an we wonder why our world has so much child molesters cause the fact that sites like this let people show their true sick desires... pathetic an this site is pathetic too

Trying to make an effort not to judge it based on the necrobeastiality..

First the originality of the premise, sad but true the same gag has been done before and better. Not the exact same gag, and the addition of the kids in horror was an interesting touch. But it still didn't feel very original given all the similiar stuff that ends up on newgrounds.

The sound, as someone else said, was pretty good so I will give you kudos on that. The artwork and animation did leave a bit to be desired.

Probably my biggest thought though would be that you started the story and then didn't go anywhere with it. There was no punchline to it, or no conclusion. You were relying on that this was either disturbing or funny enough to stand on the action alone. Honestly it falls short on both accounts. I think that it should be extended rather than looped. You ask the question yourself in your authors comments, 'how would you explain this to the kids?' would have been a great place to go with it.

I think this does deserve a 5/10 for effort and the good sound quality. I otherwise gave it a 2/5 because it wasn't very original and it did lack in alot of regions. Sick and sad but I do think if you are going to run with something run all the way with it. Work a bit on your art, animation, and storylines and you could easily do much better.

I thought it was awesome and funny....sick but funny as hell

this proves it all there are sick motherf'ers out there. I mean i'm crazy myself but this goes even beyond my limits... still giving it a 2 for the effort in the animation though...

This is just fucking wierd

I mean the sound quality wasn't bad, the animation was slight but not distracting, the art had more to be desired.. But the piece was funny! I mean really come on!

Anyway I had to rate it a "Not bad in fact I liked it" because I did! I had no choice.


I am not sure what reason you thought this would be a good production piece. How could i give constructive criticism. Don't loop something that sucks

If you are really want to fuck the cat and children see that sudenly scene, then you should explain them that is just training of his very important piece of a body which very useful in pearing ^_^

Keep em coming plz.

I really don't find this funny. This is a bad animation, and I see no point in referring to such warped things as a source of humour.
But the worst thing is that this is featured. IT'S NOT FUNNY! It's just idiotic! What dumbass could possibly see anything worthwhile in this?

i could totaly live without watching this...and take the loop off its bad enough the firt time...

Although the animation was good, the actual art could have been improved. This strikes me as slightly messed up, and most certainly not in a good way, not to mention that fact that recent legislation makes this animation illegal in Britain...

why did he play wih mr. buttons brown button?

That was funny as hell!
just didnt see that comming at all
random though...
to the max.

I'm going to come right out and say that I love having flash like this on the front page. It's what makes NG interesting.

That being said, this could use a deal of improvement.

First, the animation could have been better. While the sloppiness does add to the feeling of perversion, I feel like you could have done more. I'll also tie this into length and depth. It was a quite short flash, and doesn't really go anywhere after you see the guy fucking the cat, which is only a few seconds into the flash. If you plan on using up the shock that early, you need to escalate it later as well, near the end. Otherwise, you've wasted an opportunity to capitalize on the shocked state of the viewer. Try saving the actual fucking act until later. Emphasize the childrens' faces and emotions. Some actual crying audio would be nice. Make them look more devastated

In the end, try and pace the shock and work more on emotions from the characters.

Pros: decent animation, simple n easy to follow thru story

Cons: ummm wtf? :3

well this is really is sick, but otherwise it's decent :[

Seriously i did.


I have never seen anything better on the frontpage of this website. You are a true winner, sir! The facial expressions, the flawless animation, the suspense, the drama, the outcome, the cycle, everything.... everything is top notch.

I love how everyone gets pissed off!

it's crap ! i would give u atleast 1 if you could make atleast better quality... Nahh Still too sick...

I give you a 5/10, 2.5/5 because of the descent quality of the flash. There isn't much of a story line, just kind of a short flash of a guy doing a cat, which is fine. I'm pretty sure that actually happened at an elementary school somewhere, but there are sick people out there. I like how you had the children crying, i mean that as how you animated that, that was fairly nice.

Animation: 5/10- Not very much movement in the scripting,did like the tearing effect
Sound: 7/10- Had descent sounds, it wasn't scratchy or anything- fairly clean sound
Artwork: 4/10- wasn't horribly drawn, but was fairly dull to watch with flat art.
Stroy: 3/10- Isn't too much of a story line to it, just a dude doing a cat
Overall: 4.75/10 (I take front whole number)

I do see some potential in this flash, what's nice is how it actually follows the title of the flash. Keep working on your flash, maybe a little improvement with shadowing to show some depth in the flash rather than assumed smaller pictures for farther away. Just try to add some shadowing to make it look a little better. The one little girl by the teacher looked like she was leaning forward or something with no shadow at all. Keep working on it and you'll evolve somewhat. I hope you take my vague review into heart on determining on what to do with your next flash, the best way to improve is to find your flaws in previous flashes.

Good Luck

However, his dick is just itchy and the maggots offered to scratch it for him. Guro is innocent and harmless. :3

I was not expecting that.

Here's a 7 in hopes this stays at 6.9 as long as possible

What is the deal with your fucked up obession with sexual indecency? Oh well, made me laugh. That was really fucked up though. Maybe something's wrong with me too for laughing at this.

Well plotted out, and excellent art. This is simply brilliant, do make a sequel.

This shows blatant disregard for anyone who had the misfortune of actually viewing this. Also I believe it breaks a rule or two for the site so I blew the whistle on it, hell maybe im wrong but who knows.

Lol What a n00b.
Spam flashes ARE THE BEST!!!


i really dig the audio, what is your name sir?

Beautiful music to the background, everything synced up to. Well put together. And such a lovely concept.

I was disturbed yet, I had to watch. My sympathies are drained for the cat.


This shows blatant disregard for anyone who had the misfortune of actually viewing this. Also I believe it breaks a rule or two for the site so I blew the whistle on it, hell maybe im wrong but who knows.

How ironic! Because right before I started watching this, I was thinking to myself, the man in his thumbnail looks like a pedophile... Those sound effects were a little tooo realistic, you should add a disclaimer to this, like, "only one cat was harmed during the making of this film, but it was already dead, so it's iight" Funny stuff, creepy as hell, but funny.

I understand what the animator was aiming for but I think using that name for the school appears to smack a little of paedophilia. It is unneccesary as the animation itself is strong enough in subject matter to allow viewers to ascertain the point of the film.


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