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This is an impoved version of Learn Algebra! Everything is much better then before. I took your comments and re-made the game into a better one. This games is for those who want to learn and use algebra or for people that just want to use their brain. Some of the code was from Angela Mabray though, (http://www.smartgoat.com ) because I'm still learning AS. The code was modifed, bulit on and the graphics are mine so the game ins't the same.


Very educational

Although the actual problems do not deal with algebra, you can use algebra to solve them. I'm happy there is an educational game like this on newgrounds. Hopefully you will make more games like this.


there are plenty of educational games in existence, newgrounds is not a place for them.

commendable effort

It's always good to see games like this.
I like it, but have a few suggestions:

1. Give the user the option of turning off the music mid-game. After awhile the sound was distracting and not welcome but I couldn't find any button for muting the music in the game.

2. Make the coin questions progressively more challenging. After a few questions where X is the same for all the coins that add up to the given sum it would be nice to see questions that involve situations where, say, there are twice as many dimes as there are quarters. Naturally, the more challenging the question the more points a correct answer should be worth in the game.

no comment

i already take algebra and i hate that u need to put urflash skills to use and entertain people im giving this nine to save this so u don't get dicouraged but u definetly need to change ur style of games

Not really algebra...

Although it is very thought intriging it isn't actually algebra. Its more word problems algebra is stuff like:

y=mx+b and LxHxlxP=TSA

the first one is the slope intercept form of a line and the last one is some kinda surface area thing these are both in short hand to so...

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Jan 4, 2009
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