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Greeny's Hood

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Author Comments

NOTE: The first scene isn't running fast enough and so the music stops too early, i'll try to fix that and hope you will enjoy anyway!

This is my first real flash. It's about a guy called Greeny (I know it's not very imaginative ^^) and his hood.
All the music and everything else is made by me.

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very good for a first flash attempt

a little slow though. please respond to this, was this born from the shape craze created by stamper and johnny utah?

Cover95 responds:

sorry that i'm answering so late...
and since i don't really know what that is, no this wasn't born from the shape craze created by stamper and johnny utah. ^^

- Mr. Sausage

Good stuff

Really good for your first flash. Keep at it, I can't wait to see what you make with some more practice.


but it was too slow. If you sped it up a little more, it'd be better.

Cover95 responds:

yeah i know it runs too slow... but i don't really know where that's coming from because when i watch the flash file on my computer everything's allright


Kind of unusual. I quite liked the animation, but it felt like it was running slightly too slow - maybe it's just my machine.

I was sort of expecting the story end to be an operatic bloodbath, you really suprised me with the ending, but I mean that in a good way.


I found this funny for some reason... a couple things, though:

The frame rate was excruciatingly slow. I'd recommend speeding up the parts where nothing is happening.

When the music stopped, it made it worse.