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Mario Saves The Princess!

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EDIT* Thanks for the reviews!

Ok This is my first ever SPRITE ANIMATION so I don't expect much from it, anyways the audio near the end was taken from a video on (www.sethcomedy.com) or Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy video's. I am just doing a Tribute to the video in sprites so I am giving him credit for his awesome and better version. So if you would like to check it out go to sethcomedy.com! So this took me about 1 and a half hours and it took me awhile to find these sprites and sound effects but there is probably some mistakes in it...

FPS: 24
H x W: 250 x 210
Frames: 2600
Length: 108.3s

So hope you enjoy this animation and I will submit more things soon!

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what the?

ok weird but really funny keep up the good work.

Anyone who pays tribute..

....to Seth is a friend of mine. Great stuff man,..too bad some d^*ks don't get it.

jeski responds:

Thank you!


I understand that you are paying tribute to Seth's work, but maybe instead of just re-doing the joke with sprites, you could have added a little more before it. It is your first animation though, so it's always good to start simple.

Still I'll have to give you a 5/10. :(

jeski responds:


That was so damn funny!

I really liked your animation, it had some flubs, but since this is first one, I can def forgive it. I loved that conversation, that was hilarious, I never seen that/heard that before from Seth, but I now need to, I hope he animated that, cause I think it would be great. Nice job overall, keep at it and you'll get better!

jeski responds:

If you check him out on youtube or sethcomedy.com there is a versian by him that he has animated (original)!

Not bad.

Not bad. Not the greatest sprite animation I've seen, but you said it was you're first so it isn't bad considering. Man, bloody ungrateful princess.
Anyway, keep practising with the sprites, you've got a good start.

jeski responds:

Ya I will keep trying with different kinds and put more effort into it!