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Learn how to make a fake virus to fool your friends, in this simple and small tutorial. All you need is notepad.

This is a BATCH tutorial so i believe you need windows or an emulator.

Note: this is SAFE!


Save as a bat

You go to save as put "FREE_MUSIC.BAT" IT GOES WITH THE "


how do i save as .bat

Not really a virus - more of a prank

I gave you a few points because this is what you said it was - a tutorial. The graphics and colors are simple, and there was no sound. The information you gave was harmless - if you run the batch file, it prompts the user to download music , and then just shuts down the PC.

I'm all for a good (harmless) joke now and then, but to call this a fake virus is kind of stretching it. Maybe if you changed the batch file to open up 20-30 copies of Windows explorer to microsoft's home page - and then shut down - well, that would simulate more of a virus (or trojan horse).

I think you can do better than this...

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this was crap!

if you wanna make a virus... use C\C++... or assembly... that sucked

iamrunegecko responds:

Not everybody is completely tech savvy, therefore i make Batch virus's for people to use. TBH you should'nt rate on what you know, you should rate on the fact that this works....


come on, man -- this is straight from the users manual or website of symantec or norton antivirus or something . All you did was throw up some text and a couple buttons. No insight into what a virus is or how it works or anything that might make this 'tutorial' even remotely interesting and you also uploaded it to the wrong section -- this is NOT a game.

iamrunegecko responds:

1. I Did the code completely, i did not read any manuals for ALL of the Langs. i know.
2. there is more to come.
3. there is Tutorial option in movie therfore people making tutorials must put it in the "Game/Interactive" section.

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Jan 3, 2009
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