Metropolis Schmirkit

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The success of Rtil's epic Project Freetown: Metropolis Circuit has in no way inspired Zekey and myself to create this animation about rolling skating chain smokers.

In this episode some guy skates around because she's never going to let him win or something.

EDIT: Haha frontpage, I guess someone has a sense of humour!


OK, I guess

While I enjoy watching your flash, even the ones that are really cheesy, this one really didn't do anything for me. You should have added a good song loop! That always works for me.

Breaks down walls

This is a truly inspiring flash with a truly real message about life, rollerblading, and properly aping Jet Grind Radio without it being too obvious. Because sometimes in life nobody wins, as well as on Newgrounds front page posts and random feuds with Mindchamber. Keep up the great work I hope to see more in the future!

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wat is wrong with you people how is this allowed on to the front page its not entertaining in any way shape or form. maybe its just me but it seems that lately there has been some really bad animations on the front page its just so sad. all it is is a short animation that dosnt make any sense

Don't get it

But it seems its funny cause its on the frontpage. Also, bout time someone maked fun of mister "I make fun of everyone"


Watched it twice and still don't get how that was funny.

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3.15 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2009
8:06 AM EST
Comedy - Parody