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Presidents' Day 2277

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In the year 2077, the United States and China destroyed each other with nuclear missiles in only a few hours. 200 years later, the annual holiday of Presidents' day brings a glimpse of hope for the dwellers of the Capital Wasteland.

Washington DC has turned into a one massive ground zero. The few survivors struggle to live in the irradiated wastes by killing and torturing each other. This year's Presidents' Day will be the first under the "administration" of the Enclave's Barack Obama VI. President Obama has oppressed the people with his superior technology, but a few presidential hopefuls have other ideas. This is the journey of 3 men who have traversed the wastes searching for justice. This is their story. These are their emotions. You will witness their trials and tribulations. Behold the great American holiday that is Presidents' Day.

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When it Fallout 4 coming out?

Escape Vault 101 now!!!

the fucking nationals

lmao this is great I enjoyed it very much

holy shit,

fallout 3

hey hey

You left out Paradise Falls! I debated taking points off, but the introduction was too good to do that to you.

ok, you get points for the fallout intro.

unfortunatlly, thats not enough to make the cut. but you do get points for some originality. what you should do though is re-think this flash over and make some kind of series out off the hole "fallout" subject. think about it. i would make a good flash series. it would be alot better then thoughs pointless naruto flashes that keep poping out like the aids virus. anyway, not a bad flash. you get a 5

Starberry responds:

as amazing as fallot is, ive never made a serious cartoon in my life