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Portal Madness!

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Author Comments

Get ready for some crazy Madness style Portal action!!

I'v been hard at work on this animation for a while, and now its done! Votes and reviews please!!

Sorry about the useless quality of the display picture, stupid MS paint!

EDIT: OMG! newgrounds, your all so freaking awsome!!! Thanks for the very generous score, daily second, front page, madness collection and portal collection! wow, thank you all so much. I feel like its christmas all over again.... i wish it was.... :P

NOTE: I didn't know that there was another animator makeing a madness portal animation. i only learnt that half way through makeing this animation, so i made it anyways. (therefpre the idear isn't stolen! stop saying it people)

And yes, I am makeing a second "Portal Madness!" look on my user page for a screen grab! and for further updates! (I dont know how often i will update it)

Since its on front page here are its statistics:

Got put on the front page on: 1/5/09
Was on the Front Page for: 6 and a half Days
11 th best for week ending: 1/7/09
Daily 2nd - ^.^ Thats one fucking shiney trophy!!
Its in the madness collection!
Its in the portal collection!


joelasticot hit the nail on the head

yo that was waaaaaaaaay too short. i was expecting that to be an intro to a big movie, considering you got daily 2nd with a 4...

1. no more madness tributes people, okay? okay.
2. learn frame by frame animation using anticipation and easing. please
3. use your own graphics
4. please make the action longer than 15 seconds.

thank you

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this was bad...

i needed to see it twice to make sure i wasnt mistaken.... but its true, you took the backgrounds from portal: the flash version...

i wouldnt have noticed but it was strange to me how your hero had to duck to get through the doors... lol... fail...

and its true you took basically every element and mish-mashed them into this short mess...

and why is it it slows every once in a while? how did you compile this?

yes ive played the portal game, and it was amazing, this wasnt... btw the only origional idea you had (shooting a portal at someone) doesnt even really make sense...

bad music, just didnt seem to match what was going on... what would have been at least nice, is if you had stolen that as well.. from the actual portal game, and considering how short this is you could have used 4000 degrees kalvin.

im just a little grateful you didnt abuse that stupid "the cake is a lie" meme which has flown out of control...

i think you must have stolen the gun and character designs too.. unless that was what you spent all your time on... based one the stick figure drawing when he enters the room, you have a lack of drawing talent...

this was horrible... its a shame your making a sequal

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Not that good, the animations would speed up and slow down randomly, barely any madness-like violence, not enough gLaDoS, sub-standard artwork, tried to make it look like you mixed styles and it didn't work, and the other portal color is ORANGE not red.

Didn't enjoy. Cake and greif counceling should be available at the end of the flick.

Fucking shit.

Ok, I will admit this wasn't entirely bad, but let's look at it closely.

The backgrounds are from Portal: The Flash Version
The characters are from Madness sprite sheets
The gun and scenery are imported pictures on which you did "Trace Bitmap"

So what exactly does "Art: Digital K" imply? You drew the portals? Big fucking deal, a bunch of wiggly lines with a gradient.

I'll give you credit for animating it yourself (hopefully you did animate it yourself) because the character animation was pretty smooth, but I fail to see what everyone thinks is so creative about a Madness flash using Portal elements. Most of the uses the character made of the gun (all except for firing it on a human target) were things you actually have to do in the game, so you don't get much creativity points from me.

Also, why did he only have to fire one portal to get out of the initial room?

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digitalk responds:

if youv plade the portal game, which i have (only the first few rooms). The game starts of that you are in a room bening introduset to glaDOS, when its time to test, a blue portal is made, and the red one is already in the next area. thats why i made it like that, to show i had infact played the game!

get a life, hippy!

Not good at all

You didn't even get the concept. The madness guy was clumsy the whole time with the exception of the end, which made no sense. if you COULD portal a human they would not explode when you exit them. Whatever though. Animation left a lot to be desired, it was SHORT, and it was stupid.

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Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2009
11:10 PM EST