Portal Madness!

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Get ready for some crazy Madness style Portal action!!

I'v been hard at work on this animation for a while, and now its done! Votes and reviews please!!

Sorry about the useless quality of the display picture, stupid MS paint!

EDIT: OMG! newgrounds, your all so freaking awsome!!! Thanks for the very generous score, daily second, front page, madness collection and portal collection! wow, thank you all so much. I feel like its christmas all over again.... i wish it was.... :P

NOTE: I didn't know that there was another animator makeing a madness portal animation. i only learnt that half way through makeing this animation, so i made it anyways. (therefpre the idear isn't stolen! stop saying it people)

And yes, I am makeing a second "Portal Madness!" look on my user page for a screen grab! and for further updates! (I dont know how often i will update it)

Since its on front page here are its statistics:

Got put on the front page on: 1/5/09
Was on the Front Page for: 6 and a half Days
11 th best for week ending: 1/7/09
Daily 2nd - ^.^ Thats one fucking shiney trophy!!
Its in the madness collection!
Its in the portal collection!


You are now thinking with portals. :D

That was great. Combining the carnage of Madness and the genius of Portal. Bringing two great things together that become their own awesomeness. I think the framerate got a bit choppy toward the end, but I liked the intro, the different spin on the game, and especially the ending. That was an unexpected treat. :D

5/5! 10/10!

digitalk responds:

The frame rate shudnt of got choppy? its running at 40 fps!

thx for the comment tho! XD

You can has Portal.

Flawless Victory.


That was great and very original. Very well done! Only problem was it was too short =( make another though!

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4.18 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2009
11:10 PM EST