Portal Madness!

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Get ready for some crazy Madness style Portal action!!

I'v been hard at work on this animation for a while, and now its done! Votes and reviews please!!

Sorry about the useless quality of the display picture, stupid MS paint!

EDIT: OMG! newgrounds, your all so freaking awsome!!! Thanks for the very generous score, daily second, front page, madness collection and portal collection! wow, thank you all so much. I feel like its christmas all over again.... i wish it was.... :P

NOTE: I didn't know that there was another animator makeing a madness portal animation. i only learnt that half way through makeing this animation, so i made it anyways. (therefpre the idear isn't stolen! stop saying it people)

And yes, I am makeing a second "Portal Madness!" look on my user page for a screen grab! and for further updates! (I dont know how often i will update it)

Since its on front page here are its statistics:

Got put on the front page on: 1/5/09
Was on the Front Page for: 6 and a half Days
11 th best for week ending: 1/7/09
Daily 2nd - ^.^ Thats one fucking shiney trophy!!
Its in the madness collection!
Its in the portal collection!


way to short

longer means better.

Nice one

Nice one but too short

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dude this was awesome, it combined 2 of my fav. things. the only prob was length but it still gets a 10

Very cool

Possibly one of the best Madness tributes, despite the short length. Portals add a whole new dimension to the Madness-style combat we all know and love. I'd like to see what Krinkels could do with them, but for now you are the undisputed king of this sub-genre.

A second Portal Madness would be a very good thing indeed. Please consider it :)

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Pretty short, but cool. The ending was brilliant. Make the second one longer.

Emphasis on 'Make the second one'.

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4.18 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2009
11:10 PM EST