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How to ID a Noob Flash

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Ever wonder how to Identify a noob flash? well, this noob flash will explain it all to you! It even gives a demonstration of a noob flash so fellow newgrounders know what to look for.
If you enjoy it, vote accordingly,

If you think it sucks, by all means, Blam it!

And No I am not affiliated with any DD, KK, SS, LL, CC, FFF, None of that crap! in my opinion, they can all go to hell!!

For the sake of NOT being labeled a Fascist I would like to let everyone know that I did not mean that I wish for the individuals in the above groups to die, i simply ment for the organizations to Disband... Now that i've explained myself people like Sausau here won't call me a new Hitler. Thank you for your time!



as a monk once told me, "this flash a a piece of crap!". i didn't believe him at first, then i watched it and to my surprise he was right.

a couple of pointer, one slow the speed of the flash animation down a bit so people can read what it says, two put some sound in it (if your making it a noob flash then but crappy unrelated music in), and finaly at the start put in small writing under a warning sign that it is a demonstration of a noob flash and not to take it siriosly.

srry 4 rating 0 and being sarcastic at the start but well it just came into my head at the time.

chrismartens2005 responds:

No worries bro, i won't blame you at all for the Zeros :D

Your Flash is exactly what is IDed as a n00b Flash

One color was mainly used throughout the Flash, and you drew "Vote 5".

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chrismartens2005 responds:

yes i did captain obvious


You basically criticize what you can't avoid to do yourself. Then you ask to blame these, which is pretty pathetic, and you utter death against brands of people, which can be compared to a holocaust. Do you have fascist roots, little boy ?

chrismartens2005 responds:

i dare not utter death against "Brands of People" my god, what kind of sick person do you think i am? I simply ment that the groups themselves should "Disband" Geez
as for the fascist comment... No, i do not believe in fascism.

Now as per the comment about the actual movie... IT WAS IRONIC SATIRE! I made it horrible on purpose to exaggerate a point, you know also known as a HYPERBOLE?

oh, you spelled "Blam" wrong, which is also quite pathetic

Loved it

I share a sense of humor like yourself. It's a shame that the other reviewers didn't realize that this flash is meant to be ironic and in that case it is funny. I enjoyed seeing the flash you made, but even more so the number of angry reviews you have generated from people who completely missed the point.

I salute you and I will serve my fellow Newgrounders well with this information.

chrismartens2005 responds:

Thanks Soldier! Newgrounds will be proud with what we can do to help save it!

First sign

It has a name like "How to ID a Noob Flash"

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chrismartens2005 responds:

Exactly why i picked that name

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Jan 2, 2009
4:01 PM EST
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