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The Portal Collab

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This is a collab that took a rediculously long time for no good reason. But anyway, it's here. This is a collaberative effort from people across the globe, amassing to create some a piece of flash animation to accompany the booty shakingly splendid Hip Hop Glados song by Oggy-cheese. We managed to get it on the Portal before it became it fell into the ever present black hole of the flashes that are supposed to be released but aren't. Enjoy!

p.s. Weeeee

(This song does not endorse the Wii, nor does it associate itself with urination or any other words that sound like or smell like wee.

p.p.s. Please can ya'll submit this to the Portal collection? That would be splendid, and would make my cheeks go all warm and fuzzy :3 Thanks



Man.. this makes me wanna play portal and try to get through! COMPANION CUBE I WANTZ U!

im sorry but....

that wasnt funny or creative, the flash was just horrible it looked like stuff people were doing five years ago and even that is giving it to much credit. this was a wast of my time, most things on this site are but they are at least funny when i read the description it said funny portal collab. the only thing that i thought was creative was the tittle page but even that was still not good enough to save this from getting a zero

i am sorry

This collab and video for "still alive" really ruins the whole greatness(?) of the game. You should of added more sarcasm and mysteriousness, not some random music saying wee all the time and some random lines from the game itself which just don't fit :/ Your graphics are ok, but the result isn't great at all.


WTF DOES THE CACE IS A LIE MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

not bad good music but wierd and random


If I was high... I totally would have tripped balls to that... nonetheless good job with the animation, lack a bit in the art department, and in creativity... But it was fun sort-of to watch 6/10

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4.03 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2009
3:53 PM EST
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