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PPG Celebrity Jeopardy

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This was the first Celebrity Jeopardy movie we did in 2000 winter. Since I didn't become involved with animating until Dan wrote AND recorded the script, there were some writing problems. For example, a lot of jokes were lifted from the SNL skit, like B Words, Colors That End in Urple, and such and such. Good thing that stopped when I became involved in the writing and we got more original. So basically, the animation and writing in this one sucks compared to the other 2. The animation is in 18 fps. For Celebrity Jeopardy 4, I'll be using 30 fps.

This movie had to be split up for Newgrounds thanks to Flash 4.0, being unable to import MP3s, and we had to use WAV files. After watching this, you may view part 2 on NG as well.



I couldn't finish watching this. The poor quality on the audio was too uncomfortable to listen too.

From what I did see, it wasn't particularly original or funny. You need more than "wow aren't these characters dumb" or it gets repetitive. And the pacing was too slow.

to the review right before this 1...

wow, you obviously passed english class..

and to the movie, it was alright nothing special.


If you want to see a FUNNY version of this search for celeberty jeopardy SNL. That is the original, by the way people are all over the web... dont think you woudnt be exposed.

What the bleedin'............?!

Ok, listen kid, I didn't waste about three minutes of my life to watch this freakin' saturday night live ripoff that somehow invovles the powerpuff girls for no reason! Can't you think up your own material?! I mean, this is bad, but your website is even worse! You stole the whole "Nixie" thing from Johnny the homocidal maniac, and Islip from that "Dragonball z" show! Now just give me my three minutes of life back and we'll call it even for now..............Jackass.

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Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2002
12:13 AM EST
Comedy - Parody