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Orb Snake

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Guide your orb snake around and collect orbs that match the head of your orbs snake. Collecting multiple orbs quickly gives you a multiplier.

1/2/08 - added the "click on orb to start" button, to avoid tragedy

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I ended up liking this game. It was quite, uh, colorful. I don't even think you could die by eating your own tail. I thought it might have been too easy at first. It was still really interesting to see how much more difficult it became. The sound effects were nice.

This game didn't need a lot of details. It worked fine for what it was supposed to be. The music was also pretty cool. I don't know which color will show up next. This was quite playable.


This was submitted like 1 year ago, but sometimes the old ones are the best, and especially the most simple, I have to disagree with SawmanZ's suggestion, it does not need checkpoints for the amount of levels it has, if anything you need it harder and more levels, found this through the song (and don't ask how I found the song lol).
This is a good game.


possible bug?

There were times when a level started me right on top of a wrong color orb and instantly the game was over.

Apart from that bug, this is a beautiful flash. Music perfect, everything -- I continue to be amazed at how much can be accomplished with so little...

MaxManning responds:

IronGleet - thanks for letting me know about that bug. I think I am going to make the start button at the bottom of the screen to avoid this issue.



MaxManning responds:

Thanks to Rawrthaas for the music, I love his stuff.


It was ok, Kinda too simple try putting in more obstacles and "power-ups" Also change the movement of the snake because I got bored with how it moved so slow when it gets too close to the mouse. Other than that it was o.k.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for checking it out. I will probably do something with this game, but maybe change it from orbs to something else.