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The controls are simple.
All you need to do is press the arrow keys in the direction of the blocks that appear.
For each time you press the arrow keys a block will dissapear.
Pressing an arrow key where there are no blocks, or the bar is too much shorter than the others, will cause you to loose a minimal amount of points.

This game uses formulas to make it when the blocks appear, which essentially means that this game can use any song. Which means you can play any song on Newgrounds, all have to know is it's ID.

Remember, though, that this is a beta game, so if there is anything that doesn't work or you think should be improved, all you have to do is leave a review saying so. I will take your advice and most likely change the game for the final release.


good concept

it could have been good, but you need to fix a few things.
most imporntantly, there is no way to see blocks before they come.
also, the first track is really hard.

Shadow181 responds:

unfortunatly, flash can't predict what the music is going to be like, so the only way to accomplish that would make the blocks move out or something, but then you wouldn't be pressing the keys to the rythm of the present, just what happened a few seconds ago or something.

Good idea, needs some work.

Has the potential to be very good and popular. You need to make it easier and more clear though. Right now I have no idea where blocks are going to appear, and being rhythmic while responding to randomness is something people are bad at. My mind was shifting between rhythmically pushing the arrows or just ramming 'em all as fast as possible when things got out of hand.

I don't know what your formula is but I'd suggest revising it. Keep in mind that we experience the game very differently from you, you know exactly why stuff is happening the way it is happening, to us that isn't so clear.

I hope I made my point because this is a game which, when done correctly, could be as addicting as Guitar Hero or DDR. The graphics are great btw, perfect for a game like this. And that you could load any song into it is obviously brilliant, it's what could make this game a very big hit.

I gave you an 8 and 4 for the potential.

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Shadow181 responds:

Wow, that's some seriously good advice!

Okay, well... I think I should move the first song then, maybe to medium. That seems to be a constant from most reviews.

Yeah, the formula definately needs some tweaking. I could neer get it the way I wanted, so I ended up using this, which gets a similar result.

Using any song on newgrounds was my focus for making this game. So I'm glad to see at least one person thinks it's a good idea.

Okay, in the final release, which might be in a week or so, I will try to fix the formula, and fix it so that players dont have to button mash.

sorry but this is awful

maybe its just me? but the easiest level... 1st song..... impossible? so annoying, the blocks fill up 2 quikly, and is reali hard to tell wt key 2 press... id scrap this idea, and start over... jus av one blok tht like flys 2 the end of the screen, and u have to press down left up or down b4 it reaches the end... but u have 2 do it in order.... so u cud do a down arrow, and then a right arow like a second after.... n then they'll both fly to the edge of the screen, n u av 2 press em in order to get the point..... if that makes sense? theres prob games like it already though

Cool concept but....

Urch, what is the whole goal of this game? In the end i wasn't even listening to the music anymore. I was just pressing the keys to get rid of the blocks, for no obvious reason. Oh god, whyyyy oh whyyy?


Very simple yet enjoyable game. Well done.

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2.53 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2009
9:25 PM EST