How to draw Luigi

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I made this tutorial to show people how to draw Luigi, hopefully I made it possible to understand my directions and see people taking advantage of this tutorial. A quick note would be to draw this on paper first because it make it a lot easier to draw, and if you take this steps and make it chubbier and smaller then you can draw Mario.

*I fix it, now the music loops every time it ends. my bad for not noticing, eh, eh...*

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thnx for the tip

but could u show luigi shooting a fireball or fire jump but it still great how to draw luigi nice. thnx for the tip


this is awsome now i know how 2 draw luigi!thanx!:)

ive been trying to draw him for YEARS

YEARS I TELL YOU. im glad i found this it seems pretty easy. all of it. thank you.

This is quite helpful

The drawing was good. You often don't see someone payin' attention to WEEGEE!! BTW have you seen the drawings of Luigi by Kirbopher?

javier64 responds:

that is true, and no I have not seen his drawing, I will look him up, thanks ^_^
*edit* Now I have and it's pretty good along with all the other drawings he can make.

Nice work man.

This well help me draw better. Thanks.

javier64 responds:

no problem, i im working in getting better at drawing and animating in flash to do a better job next time ^_^

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Jan 1, 2009
7:10 PM EST