Red VS Blue - The battle

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I made a short movie about a battle between red and blue.

I am very new with flash 8 so it's matter of course that this movie isn't so very good though, but I tried my best.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the movie and feel free to comment :).

Happy new year Newgrounds!


reminds me of dbz

lol i like it. Little flashes like this deserve a better score :)


i like the end..................................

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It's Alright

I like the plot, but it wasn't really the Red and Blue I expecteed when I saw the title. I was thinking it was more like the HAlo Read and Blue.. Needs sound effects and a longer runtime.

Good Job!

Not bad at all for a first submission. I would have given this an 8 or 9 if you added more sound effects and made it longer.

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Well, it's all pretty much good, with the exception of a few things. For starters, you need to up your frame-rate, to about 30 (usually around 33 with fight scenes). It'll make your tweens look smoother.

Your frame-by-frame was nice, better than I could do, but you need more of it. Looks like you got lazy at the moment with the lazer.

You could also try and shade the backgrounds and characters, whilst perhaps using some gradients. It'd have been nice to see more details on those planets, and some close-ups on your characters.

When you don't know what else to draw on your backgrounds/characters, just spend a few extra minutes detailing them more.

Some of the views of the characters seemed out of porportion too, like in the first shot of the two, their torsos were rather wide.

Anyway, good luck with your Flash, hope you submit some awesome stuff!

- Josh

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3.05 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2009
1:33 PM EST
Comedy - Original