Vector Dodge 2

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Avoiding Game That has 16 Diffrent play modes ! Nothing else to say


whats the music name i forgot it


Great game. i luv it! I just hate the music!!! I killed myself 15 times because of a headache -.-

Falling shapes and cursors.

Pretty fun game. I've always liked games following that format, dodging falling shapes.

There's one area you can improve in, and that is the buttons: I had to click on the lines of the buttons to select the cursor. It's no biggy, and easily circumvented.

Nice job.

Kanexass responds:

Woah thanks :)


very good game and a good concept. like how you can pick out of the differant cursors. the only flaw is it needs mor pizazz and to choose a cursor u have to click it on the exact spot and it gets kinda annoying. good job though

i like it but it need some fixing

but luckily i'll tell you exactly how to do the fixing.

firs ti'll just say that the graphics are adequate

Now the first problem is that at the shape selection screen the shapes are too difficult to click on. Make some transparent boxes behind them the buttons.

The second issue is the scoring. No matter what difficulty or what shape you select the timer goes up at the same speed. I think to correct this you should have the timer count faster the more difficult you make it. In this way a 15-minute game on easy-easy would be equal to a one-minute score on medium-hard. Understand?

A Submit High Score option would also be cool if possible.

Kanexass responds:

I will think of that when creating the 3rd part... and it wont be "time" it will be score... 20 seconds on insane is like 200 points

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3.67 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2009
11:55 AM EST
Action - Other