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A Big Three Xmas

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Author Comments

READ THIS LAST ===============

The extras are in this link. I don't feel like working through a big and laggy file just to add a flash link. It's not like anyone downlaoded the flash anyway.

http://www.nutcasenightma re.com/big3.htm

Copy and follow the link to see the extras. (Get rid of the spaces that NG throws into the link to prevent bots from copy-pasting)


Ooh, frontpage! Thanks for bailing me out, Tom!


So the score went from 3.82 to 3.59 to 3.89... Wow.
Too bad booms and busts don't work backwards in real life.

Okay, so it's 8 hours late. But if it took them a year to realize we were in a recession then by godDAMN, I'm the freakin' Flash when it comes to Flash!

Crappy puns aside, this here is a series of skits revolving around the world's top three favourite doomed car companies: GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Join them as they venture on a quest for bailouts, ???, and PROFIT!!!

Yes, the economy's gone down the toilet and Joe the Plumber can't fix either, but you don't need to be greatly depressed over the impending Greater Depression! Instead, have a laugh and enjoy this movie!


~Spent more than 35 hours on end without sleep! (True! 35 hours and counting, as I'm writing this.)
~Ensured that Starbucks will never go bankrupt now! (Turns out caffiene is worse than dope!)
~Begged the viewers to recommend this for the Politics collection! (Please?)


mixed feelings...

well, the video was done well, but you didn't look at the other side of the problem.
all of the companies are losing money, because cheaper foreign products are taking over, as our government does not tax them for importing them. also, ford did not receive any stimulus packages, as they never have.
i suggest you read a bit more into the problem.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

Yeah, I know Ford didn't get any stimulus/bailout. I recorded audio for that, and was gonna do a skit on that, but I ran out of time. (I wrote the script long before the auto bailouts were even part of the TARP.)

Also, Japanese companies have their cars cheap while American cars are expensive also because of the unions. ("The Pink Slip Express") The Japanese companies are non-unionized, while the UAW has demanded for extremely high pays, even after the workers are laid off.

I did portray the rivalry between the Big Three and Honda, Nissan, and Toyota, but I guess I could've delved a little bit deeper than just "If you buy a Prius you're gay."

I didn't know, though, that the Japanese carmakers were given NO tariffs at all. (Not that tariffs would be particularly good for a global economy) Anyway, thanks k bye.

P.S: In two days time I'll post the audio clips for the deleted scenes, including that one about the recent 17.4 billion dollar bailout.


in this economy we need a good laugh. thanks for supplying man. it went dtraight to my favorites! keep up the good work.

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Nutcasenightmare responds:

"thanks for supplying man"

It was my pleasure supplying, knowing there's demand!

Thank YOU!

meh... huh?

I guess the concept's good but I couldn't understand half of it... buy a beter mic man

It was awesome

Congratulations on front page, buddy!

hhahahahaa another great flash by nick


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4.38 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2009
8:43 AM EST
Comedy - Original