A Big Three Xmas

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READ THIS LAST ===============

The extras are in this link. I don't feel like working through a big and laggy file just to add a flash link. It's not like anyone downlaoded the flash anyway.

http://www.nutcasenightma re.com/big3.htm

Copy and follow the link to see the extras. (Get rid of the spaces that NG throws into the link to prevent bots from copy-pasting)


Ooh, frontpage! Thanks for bailing me out, Tom!


So the score went from 3.82 to 3.59 to 3.89... Wow.
Too bad booms and busts don't work backwards in real life.

Okay, so it's 8 hours late. But if it took them a year to realize we were in a recession then by godDAMN, I'm the freakin' Flash when it comes to Flash!

Crappy puns aside, this here is a series of skits revolving around the world's top three favourite doomed car companies: GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Join them as they venture on a quest for bailouts, ???, and PROFIT!!!

Yes, the economy's gone down the toilet and Joe the Plumber can't fix either, but you don't need to be greatly depressed over the impending Greater Depression! Instead, have a laugh and enjoy this movie!


~Spent more than 35 hours on end without sleep! (True! 35 hours and counting, as I'm writing this.)
~Ensured that Starbucks will never go bankrupt now! (Turns out caffiene is worse than dope!)
~Begged the viewers to recommend this for the Politics collection! (Please?)


Ahh, the joys of political satire...

Great work, as always. Loved the SNL reference. I always get a kick out of watching stuff like this.

Keep up the good work!

Not bad, not bad at all.

I found it was a decent flash, great animation, the 'story' line could've been worked on a bit more, but that'd be irrelevant I guess to what you were getting at, some points made me laugh inside a bit. And to make you happy, I got a few of the jokes, and I'm in Canada and don't give a shit about the recession.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

But apparently Harper does. There goes $3.29 billion of our money.

It was great..

Except for one thing.. When i played it the sound was really soft, so i turned it up, then it got EXTREMELY loud, I think the volume between scenes and characters needs to be matched up a little bit better. some were just way louder than others.. But other than that it was a great flash with a good message and very funny as well. good job !


Absolutely loved it. Well-researched and fun for people who pay attention to all this crap. A great way to cheer up after all this damn receding.

The minute I saw the test dummies doing the SNL skit, I knew this was gonna be good. Second scene was pure genius. So funny, so true. Never saw the ending coming.

The "True Meaning of Christmas" scene was my least favorite, but only because I desperately wanted the priest to not be stupid. And if I SEE THAT FUCKING CAT ONE MORE TIME!.. Fucking furries...

To wrap up: Political commentary + internet memes = OH SHI-
BTW: Dunkin' Donuts is better than Starbuck's. Fewer weird names and less overpriced-ness. Plus DONUTS! :D

the old 3 vs the new 1

Great flash / parodies, nice and fluid is the best i can say about your flash ; they were key for the season.

Would love to see Ford, GM, and Chrysler get their shit in the right gear and be a fierce competition against the foreign market, it can be done , if they alone could not improve the current 3, the big 3 should be the BIG ONE!!!!!!! one massive car company with a disposal and variety of parts and custom made parts.

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Jan 1, 2009
8:43 AM EST
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