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"Operation Santa"

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*This is our christmas submission*

Yes, on the last day we finished.!

my first serious animation, well after my madness.

Santa has been captured and only one man that can stop them!!!!

Time took to make : 1 month.

written animated and directed by: Feuse

co-writer, all the voices : Ron aka chiliC

Have fun guys :)

merry christmas!

ow yeah..

we hope for Front page!!! :O



yes!! we are on the collection!

and on the first page! wooho!

thx everybody :D

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ok then

constructive criticism time!

animation was good, but it needed more motion for many scenes.
story was just too damn random and ridiculous at times.
sound was off balance the entire time, it sounds like it wants to deafen someone.
humor was good.

the beginning to middle was good, but i didn't care much for the ending.

Feuse responds:

lol its been like a year, im way much better now :3

Paper !

The flash is pretty good . The best part I seen is the paper joke part , that's pretty funny . Could use abit more , and better jokes . Some jokes I didn't find quite funny , but that's just my picky attitude . It's still good .

Feuse responds:

thank you :3

next flash will be better!!
do i smell fxp?


Really nice art, man!

Feuse responds:


SimonG responded to me:)

he knows My name!! D:

thanks for the review =] and the 8


I liked it.
The animation was well done, although you may need to touch up your lip syncing a bit. The audio was also very differing in volume throughout the animation.

Overall, it was pretty cool.
I'm giving you a 5 & 10 stars,
mainly because it looks like you put a lot of time into this,
and it didn't get as much attention as it deserved.

Feuse responds:

yay :)

ur reading my mind :o

thx for the review and the score


Favorite part is with the car :)

awesome flash man GJ =]

Feuse responds:

hehe :)

thanks for the 10.