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Dec 31, 2008 | 8:13 PM EST

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EDIT - YyYyyEahh!!, i wasn't expecting front page with all that christmas spirit around :D, so,, super-thanks to... Mister-Frontpage!

Yes!,my first and last movie from 2008!
Well...All i have to say, is that this one is pretty different comparing with my other submissions...
I started this as a quick music video of the first song you hear in the movie, but then it became more interesting, as a
After hours of work on a painful get THIS!
Ohwell..., just prepare yourself to watch something weirder,,and longer than my other stuff, there are lots of anti-physichs and 'symbols' ,,,It also starts a little sketchy(even 'choppy'), but then it gets more 'detailed'...
Happy new Year!

"Fun Facts"
-The whole Flash has 4488 frames
-I started this at December 19, but did like 60% in the last 3 days.
-First time i stream the audio!
-This was started at 12 Fps. then it got to 13..(what a change!)
-Fla. File was at 86 Mb in the last bits, and it was tooking like 5 minutes just to open itself!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Now.....I.......understand....EVERYTH ING!!!!

Butzbo responds:

We have a winner!!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

very good flash!

ill give ya the ten i didnt like that you would use frames over and over again but i can understand from the size that you wanted to make it, it probably saved alot of time! it was very abstract? i guess.. uh well made flash thanks.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Detailed and Abstract

Feelings of the unknown and wonderment are all present in this fantastic and beautiful piece of media. At no time did i understand what was happening, however at every stage I could not pull my eyes away from the screen. My skin literally prickles looking back at the strange abstract world, the accepting main character and the detailed and modern, almost city scape environments. It reminds me of the rapidly ever-changing chaos realm, in it the character finds his final destiny. In short, incredible.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, the coffee mug started the universe.

its really wierd, but thats what i got, don't know if that's right. Stupendous job!!!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

moves very smoothly

This is a very thought-provoking and nostalgic flash. By thought-provoking, I mean you never are sure where the mug is going to end up next, but wherever it is, once you become absorbed within the tone and style of the video, you know it'll be interesting. By nostalgic, I mean how it's claustrophobic soundtrack and stare-worthy environments almost make you feel a longing sensation. I can't explain it really, except with this: I get that feeling when I look at the poster of the big house on a hill with a garage with 5 really nice cars in it that has the headline, "Justification for higher education" across the top. It's not the slogan that really draws me in, nor is it the nice house or the nice cars. In fact, it's the sunset in the background. The whole, "Justification for higher education" thing is the only part of the picture that really turns me off, but the overall landscape and content in the picture make it my favorite photographic image. That's like this flash. To describe it more thoroughly, it's like an escape cartoon. Everything in this flash is so incredibly fascinating in it's own individual way and I'm glad this submission got front page. I always love flashes with smooth music synced in the background. You definitely have some magnificent talent. Don't stop doing what you do best.

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Butzbo responds:

hurhm, that's like the 'heavy' review i was looking for ;) , thanks!!