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Adoptio - Mad-n Ib

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This is second part of Mad-N Ia. The file had 13MB, so I separated it into two files. You can watch Mad-N Ia here:

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/476610

Watch it first, please, and read the text about grammar and quality. I know the animation isn's very good. As i said, Mad-N II will be more "madness".

You can download it (for Ctrl+F=>Fullscreen) here:

http://uloz.to/1108157/Ma d-N Ib.swf

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plase help halu ¡¡¡¡¡

While the action itself wasn't that great, it made up for that in terms of sheer creativity. This is one of the wackiest cartoons I've seen in awhile! It seems like you went out of your way to create a unique world! I mean yeah, you were inspired by Madness, but most of the ideas are in fact your own. It's weird to have some dialogue in a Madness cartoon, even if it's just written. There are certainly unique ways to kill people.

I appreciate you having so many cool colors in this. Everything just seems so mixed and random. Many people would probably say that's just what a good madness animation should use. From the title, I actually thought this was a game. I thought it would be Mad Libs!

OK dobry

Better than part A.
Lepsi nez ten prvni.

Coft responds:

On je to vlastne jeden, to asi vis... jen je prave skoda, ze pro velikost jsem to musel rozdelit na dily ktere nebyly moc kvalitou, pribehem a hlavne zajimavosti az tak vyvazene...

Pretty good

Really nice. Only one thing, you need to use the proper hands. Sometimes, the characters used incorrect hands or had 2 left/right hands. Other than that, it was great. Same for part A. Also, i can tell he dies, just look at the picture next to the "Play movie" button. One is regular, the other is green and full of gun shots. Looks like i might have found an easter egg! Anyways, 9/10. Great animation by the way.

Coft responds:

Thanks very much. I know that about hands, I'm checking using of right/left now. Yes, he dies, but not now and not here. The second half that head is someone... other. You will see him... I don't think that it will be until year 2010 :D