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RE4: Don't shoot the fish

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After the Resident Evil Collab, one of us named Prime45664 wanted to do a sequel. The old leader didn't want to participate, but some of us got together again to try and make a quality collab. After a few months we gave up due to the collab not going anywhere. With only two finished parts, we killed the REsident Evil Collab 2 yesterday. I didn't want mine to go to waste so I thought I would upload it here for New Years Eve. Just one last submission for this lazy year.

This part is based off a famous easter egg in Resident Evil 4 when you shoot at the lake before fighting the boss. Enjoy.

Edit: This movie did pretty good. Although I did expect it to be around the 3 mark. Happy New Year people.

Edit 2: I also love what happenned in the "Users who liked this submission also enjoyed" section. Most will be Hentai submissions. Oh, you guys.

Edit 3/30/09
Well finally one of my flashes that I fully enjoyed without the help of nostalgia. Oh goodie. No problems here. I really wish I could have made the "Resident Evil Collab 2" voice more epic or more of a parody, but I failed in both ways. But otherwise, I proud of this short comedy.

I'd also like to apoligize to Prime45664. The whole "LOLOL THE RE2 COLLAB DIED!" sort of sounded like I was rubbing it in his face mocking him. Don't worry man, I didn't mean it like that. I just wanted us to go out with a half-assed bang.

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I felt for that trap oneday when i played RE4.. :feelsbadman:
but notherelse, this flash movie is still fun to watch after these 12 years that has passed. :)

it's nice

but it's kinda annoying that the fish resembles a phallic object...

A.K.A a dick


i`v done that in the real game when I first played it and me and all my friends were sitting on the couch and we all just bout pissed our pants

Gustavos responds:

Same here, except...I didn't have any friends.


Well, it's to the point

A nice little piece, that would have fitted in nicely with a Resident Evil collab. It's always a shame when things like this don't pan out, as we can all say that we've been disappointed at one time or another.

Good, smooth animation and a decent joke. Some more work on the finer detail of the drawing style (the gun looked quite chunky, for example) would really help you out here, but there are definite indications of progress.

Perhaps this thing will stay here for a while and a new Resident Evil collab will come up, where you make the choice to re animate this piece and submit it again for the collab.

[Review Request Club]

Gustavos responds:

Apparently, Legendary Frog (creator of numerous old classics and leader of collabs that involve great authors) is making a Resident Evil Collab with a certain theme. But it's a secret collab apparently. Only the authors involved know about it. I just learned from my heroes John&Richie who will be taking part in it.

One day, when I start getting into making collabs, I'll definitely take another shot with the RE Collab 2. The only other guy from the first collab that would likely be interested in working again (a kid called Prime) might join up. See if I do a better job as leader. We'll see if that happens in the future. If it does, I'll reanimate this small movie, and make the other idea I had back then for a RE2 piece.

I absolutely love Resident Evil with it's lovable stories and characters. And would be honored to host a collab for the series. Both games, movies, and novels. It all kicks ass.

Thanks for the feedback. I enjoyed making this short movie. :)

Another good flash, Gustavos!

Reminds me of those Resident Evil 4 Walk throughs that me and monkeydog137 used to make, which you did watch.

Stupid reference aside, good animation! Good sound and idea. There's also the fact the RE4 is awesome and you know it!

5 outta' 5 and 10 outta' 10

Gustavos responds:

I loved those walkthrough videos, why don't you two do anything these days? You don't have to finish RE4. Just do whatever idea comes into your head. How about a co-op walkthrough of RE5?

Thanks! I loved making this short movie. And I love Resident Evil 4 even more. Glad you liked it.

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4.56 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2008
6:18 PM EST