Hoverman Racing

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Kwing: This is a project we've all dreamed of; me doing the programming, and FazzleMan doing the artwork. We play to our strengths and this is what we get! I am very proud of the final product! This game is special to me in particular because I used an all-new platform engine, created by me from scratch! I simulated friction, gravity, and sliding. Although I was unable to use walls, I effectively simulated ground and pulled out a very formidable Flash. Another reason I am glad to host this on Newgrounds is because FazzleMan really put work into his graphics. He says it wasn't his best, but it's still better than some of his other things which shall remain unnamed [cough]Why Anime Sucks[/cough]. So have fun playing this game! PS: You must learn to master super jumping (as explained in the loading screen) to complete level three! Also, to all of you WASD lovers, sorry, but I can't make the controls work. When I put in duplicate script, I encountered serious technical difficulties. Well, enjoy the game and review please!

FazzleMan: Hi....... ummmmmmmmmm..............
.. I don't know whats im supposed to say....... Umm I did the graphics for hoverman. Actually the I made the original Hoverman for Kwing's platform tutorial, we just sorta decided to make a game with it. I'd like to say that I worked real hard on this, but I can't. Because I didn't work real hard on it. I just carelessly drew backrounds and stuff sooooo. Yeah........... ummmm vote 5?

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Loved it to death!

I really love this game, playing it was fun! The only thing about this game is that it is really simple... :L if you made it a tad bit more complex itd be a 10/10

Kwing responds:

This is kind of old. Me and Faz were super noobs back when this came out.

kinda good but also kinda bad

Its fun but you don't get a lot of controls. Also the controls are kind of weird. Add multiplayer and it be good enough.

Kwing responds:

Thanks, I can't get a server though.

The best thing about this game:

...The little blue flame coming from the hoverboard
That got you an 8

Kwing responds:

Wow, thanks... Could've been more specific about the rest of the game, though.

Great music

I wish i could say the same for the gameplay. The games animations could have been better and the game play is bad because the controls are a little frustrating and the level designs just look like you through a bucket of blocks on a dirty piece of paper. But the game did have its good points such as its realistic use of physics(momentum, friction, etc.) The only things that needs to be revamped are the animations and the level designs and the game could be great.

Kwing responds:

You can complain to Faz about the graphics... Those were his. The level designs were simple because I really couldn't grind out much with Faz... He's really lazy. In fact, the "Arr Pea Gee" we're working on right now has been going on for months and we're barely at the second battle out of, like, 25. So yeah, the flaws were out of laziness and poor communication. Sorry.

Not my kind of game...

But its still a good game

Kwing responds:

Wow, thanks.

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3.74 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2008
3:53 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other