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How to pray in Atheism

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Mar 16, 2002 | 4:27 PM EST

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Author Comments

First read the disclaimer.Second read my profile. Third Know that im only doing this cuz I hate mushroom clock cuz he is a poser. 4th This movie is about what the world will be like if there were no religon. 5th a lot of my friends are muslums. 6th. mushroom clock is a poser



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Being atheist is one thing but not only the message bad dumb, even the spam flashes submitted for Clock Day are better in comparison.

I know it was submitted over a decade ago but in the end it's crap then and it's crap now, it doesn't change a thing. Even my Clock Day "flash movies" are better than this.

I do enjoy some of your later works but still.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


Firstly i just thought id point out that you spelt religion wrong in your last paragraph of this flash short. I like how you brought up a lot of facts that i believe back your side of the argument very well and in the end that is what flash is, a way to express your feelings to the masses. You could have added in some background music though, as it felt like it was missing something. I thought the highlight of your flash was your drawings of hitler and jesus, both of which were very well drawn. Overall an interesting flash.



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Do not underestimate people...

Ok, I, too, am a bit of an aethist, but there is one little detail about the human race you're forgeting.

Even if we didn't have religion, people would just find a different reason to kill each other.

Yes, religion is a stupid thing, and it inspires nothing but hate for others, I'll give you that. But even if the world didn't have religion, it would still be a pretty shitty place filled with hate.

It would just be a different kind of hate, that's all.


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I am not giving it a bad review because I am religious, I am a die-hard atheist and believe that the obliteration of religion will be a quantum leap for human soceity, it is because it shoddily made, with inaccurate information.

First, you focused your entire argument on the bad effects of religion, not why it is not true.

Second, the pictures were heavily pixelated and streched, the backround was non-existant, and a photograph of Adolph Hitler would have looked much better.

Third, you only mentioned the physically destructive effects of religion, not the mental aspects: millions of young impressionable minds being corrupted by the drug of religion.

Fourth, some of the statistics were inaccurate and just to be safe
you should mention that in that kind of turmoil, accurate records are not kept and that many more people might have been killed.
i.e. Joseph Stalin might have killed 66-??? million people, but some put as low as 4 million.


I recommend you read one of Sam Harris's or Richard Dawkin's books if you are interested on this topic.

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well put.....

All religion has done for my life is make enemies just cause my family is of a different religion, i'm an athiest, and i don't care if people are christian, jewish, hindu.ect.ect. All religion dose is make people crazy, can turn people into enimies for stupid ridiculous reasons, kill people and take away your individuality and sense of self. Religion repsents all the negative things in my life that we should all throw away and start advancing. Religion is a primative ritual that dosn't help ANYONE. No one can be "born again" and all that crap. Religion is just a huge more complicated version of a cult. I agree with you a hundred persent on this movie.

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